PHOTOGRAPHY: A Serious Business

Many people usually think photography is a child ‘s play. I never thought a photographer will invest so much on books until I saw the many books at eloPhotos Academy.

On my first day at eloPhotos, what really got my attention is the huge volume of books on the shelves and how Mr Seun kept emphasizing that we should cultivate good habit of reading because most successful people in the world are good readers. I was highly inspired. Though I don’t really like reading, I must cultivate the habit if truly I have passion for photography and I want to be a successful photographer.

I never knew shooting a make-up session goes beyond posing and snapping until we had a last week and I saw a lot of professionalism: checking the ambient light, key light, full light etc. There’s indeed a lot of work behind the camera. To be a professional photographer I will definitely need a lot patience, tolerance, creative imagination, & thinking outside box.

This leads me to record keeping & backing up my clients job. I never thought a client can request for a job done over 5 years ago and be willing to pay money ‎for the second time just to get copies of the session.

I am still learning a whole lot of new ways of doing things here in eloPhotos Academy.

eloPhotos Academy is truly a citadel of learning and I have been learning the impossible in photography.

My name is Motunrayo Amosun & I’ve concluded that Indeed, photography is a serious business.

What do you think?

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