The fee was higher than the usual on arrival that particular day, the room which was dark and was filled with eager eyes…not usual, all waiting to savor the most awaited historical Nigerian movie of the year or should I say century. A movie about one of the most violent times in the history of Nigeria, a movie that explains the causes of rift between two tribes in Nigeria, a movie centered on politics, a movie that depicted the power of love in the midst of hatred, infidelity and violence, a movie authored, re-writen into a script and directed by two of our very own global award winning individuals Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche and Biyi Bandele: HALF OF A YELLOW SUN.

I arrived at the cinema hall with my colleagues and sat down with my pop-corn and Coca-Cola to enjoy the history made into a movie. I was astonished first by the cinematography which was quite different from the other Nigeria movies I was used to. What struck me the most watching the movie was the market scene and I saw something different, something every Nigeria movie producer and director should emulate in their movies and that is the full participation of every individual in that scene. The main characters where acting their part in that particular scene while other individuals consisting of pedestrians, buyers and sellers were also acting their part unlike some Nigerian movies that captures onlookers who adds little or nothing to the movie without editing their part out before its release.

True professionalism was depicted in the movie as individuals portrayed their role as close to reality as possible. Though I do not encourage nakedness in movies but appreciated the way the role of Olanna played by Thandie Newton a black American actress was depicted without much awkwardness. I also noticed similarities between cinematography and photography but one thing I was majorly interested in was the use of the depth of field which made me appreciate the movie even more.

I was a bit disappointed when the movie ended because I was anticipating more important scenes that was meant to be added to the movie probably because I had read the book prior to the movie. But all in all HALF OF THE YELLOW SUN still remains the best Nigeria movie I have watched till date.

Written by Ajagbe Basirat
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