LIFE is not all about U

LIFE is not all about YOU

A scenario occurred this week in the office which made me think of coming up with a piece like this. The anticipated photoshoot between the interns finally kicked off on a Wednesday morning, after moving it more than twice. It was a success all because there is more to life than what you alone can get out of it. Tope gave us all she had and in return it paid back for her and this made me realize.

If life revolves around you alone then it will never make any sense. Check out all the people who have tried to make life revolve around them. They end up losing much more than they are asking for or trying to get for themselves and keep out of the reach of other people.

You don’t get more by keeping more and more to yourself. If you really want to get more out of life you have to give more into life. While some keep losing what they have because they are trying very hard to get more, those who are letting go of what they have keep getting more of what they want in life.

Have you tried to make everything focus on you alone in the work place? Are you trying to make everything be about you at home? In the organizations that you belong to apart from your office, what are you doing there that makes it look like life is simply about you alone?

We have to come to a great understanding of life and to see that when you try to make everything revolve around you, life does not move as fast as you expect it to. When you make it less of you and more of others, life seems to go very fast. At the end of the journey you will also see that you have not only made progress but you have gotten much more than you bargained for.

If all you think about is yourself, others around you will soon notice it. When they notice it and can no longer withstand how you want everything for yourself alone, they will start avoiding you. The next thing that will happen is that people start holding back what they have from you. If everyone is holding back from you how do you expect to get anything out of life?

It may be hard today to give more of yourself to others. It can be painful. It may also look like you are losing what you need so bad and don’t even have enough of. If only you will let go and not just with your personal resources but also act selflessly in everything you do, you will eventually have more than you thought you wanted. Life continues and it is always easier because of the many others around us who understand that life is not always about them. Live life to the fullest with the understanding that life is not about you alone!

It is about the lives you touched and the impact you left behind. This past few weeks as been about learning from a senior intern who has made me to understand that it is not just about what she wants, but what she wants to be remembered for when she is gone. But it pains me so much to say she is going to be graduating from eloPhotos Academy pretty soon.

All the same she made me understand that life is not about you alone…

I am Obaloluwa Omole and my journey in becoming the best photographer in the world continues @ eloPhotos Academy

Contact us on 08120129149, 08023008873 or for a detailed list of options of classes to take at eloPhotos Academy. It will be the best investment you’ll make in your journey to photography greatness.

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