The Words of a Sage: Memoirs of An Intern

A sage is defined as a wise person (just in case you did not know). My first few days at eloPhotos, I heard names of books and people I haven’t heard in my whole life. I experienced phenomenons I have never encountered. Talking about the books, two particularly stood out as Mr. Seun Akisanmi hammered it that we new interns must read it before our first month was completed. As a matter of fact, it is boldly written in our rules and regulations (yeah, it is that serious). I began to wonder whether these authors paid him royalties for such advertisements and publicity for their books.

Obedience is better than sacrifice says the Holy Book. So I decided to just skim through one of the books which is “How To Win Friends and Influence People” and believe me as Mr. Seun says I’ve being wowed. After skimming, I couldn’t help but start to read and believe me it has being a memorable experience. Infact it has truly saved my life a number of times. As an easy going person who doesn’t like having ‘issues’ with people, the past few weeks have brought me in contact with people and applying the principles in the book has been like a lubricant that has helped relating with people so smoothly. I have even observed that for us interns at eloPhotos, there’s a difference between those of us that read the book and those that have not.

This brings to mind a very fundamental principle of life – seeking, listening to and heeding advice. A lot of people (photographers as a case study) tend to think and act like they know it all. They act like they possess all the knowledge they need at their disposal which more often than not is not the case. The “proudest” people are often the most foolish. In life, you have to always listen to the Sage’s – those that have gone ahead of you, those that know more than you do, those that have garnered more experience than you have, those that have accomplished what is still a goal to you. As the saying goes ‘One is too small a number to achieve Greatness’.

Hmm!! This is one write – up I’m not sure I wrote well nor know how to end it but the summary is this: Be humble enough to find A Sage relevant to your field and listen to their words for in them lies the success you’ve being yearning for.

My name is Adegbesan Kayode and I have found my Sage. Attached are 3 of my pictures I took last week. 1st Image just depicts the richness and beauty of nature.
2nd image is what I call the addictions of a faceless lady: make-up and drinks. 3rd image was more of an achievement. I saw the coals for burning in preparation for roasting corn and I thought it will be nice to capture.
Contact us on 08120129149, 08023008873 or for a detailed list of options of classes to take at eloPhotos Academy. It will be the best investment you’ll make in your journey to photography greatness.

From: Adegbesan Kayode Micheal <>
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2014 00:00:06 -0700
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Subject: Resending my article

P.S- 1st Image named Kayode 1 just depicts the richness and beauty of nature .
Kayode 2 is what I call the addictions of a faceless lady – make -up and drinks
Kayode 3 was more of an achievement – saw the for burning in preparation for roasting corn and I thought can I capture the fore and yes I think I did
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