The Profitability of Backing Up Your Pictures

A few days ago, I got a call from a client I did a photography job for in 2007. He was calling to find out if I still had copies of the pictures from the session I had with him 7 years ago. I was quick to answer in the affirmative.

I mentioned that it would however cost him a SEARCH FEE of N4k. He sounded surprised “Why should you charge me for that,” he quizzed. I was quick to point out that since it was going to take me a minimum of 2 hours to search through our tens of terabytes of database of pictures, it was only wise for me to make sure I was being paid for that. “But Seun you were not this business-minded before o, what happened?” He thought it was not fair that I should charge for that. I thought it was fair to charge a client that would want to take 2 hours of our office hours just to search for something that wasn’t my fault they misplaced.

“What happened to me,” she asked. I told her that family, office & house rent, children’s school fees, generator fuel, and miscellaneous expenses HAPPENED to me.

The search would eventually take almost 24 hours and I would eventually be N4k richer. Thanks to the fact that I try to backup on (DVD, blu-ray or external harddisks) all my pictures. I have a feeling one of my 2006 clients might be needing copies of their pictures in 2032. I’ll be waiting patiently to profit from the fact that I backed up the pictures.

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