The FIRST & LAST Rule @ eloPhotos Academy

Who would have thought about it, that the first set of rules you have to accomplish at eloPhotos Academy is to read two books in your first month as an intern? It even got to a time that the subject on how mandatory these books must be read came up almost every time in our Monday meetings. These two books as I would also recommend to anyone reading this article are: ‘How to win friends and Influence people’ and ‘You can negotiate anything,’ by Dale Carnegie and Herb Cohen respectively.

One spectacular thing I discovered is the way I started seeing the other side to people management. Frankly, I must admit that I needed to work on my people skills and communication; it was while reading the first book that I realized a lot of things and why some of my friendship with people has not been working smoothly.

But come to think of it, why is this reading of books so important? And why is it that other photography academies don’t have the reading culture? I would go with the saying that, “readers are leaders”. The first thing that would attract a book lover to eloPhotos, are the sea of books at your disposal. The more you read, the more you develop and unlock some secret about the world of digital photography.

The academy has given me so much opportunity to rub minds with great photographers who have won awards and traveled the whole world photographing people, places and events.

Take for instance, my new found mentor, a photographer who has documented 4000 weddings as at the time of writing his book. He opened my eyes to see a new world of digital photography just by reading the first two chapters of his book. I couldn’t stop reading the book after discovering so much I needed to learn from this author and my mentor. He addressed a lot of issues we take for granted as photographers. He has gathered so much experience that it was as if a grandfather was sharing a tale of history to his grandson. That was the experience I had with this author. And am sure they are many more of such wonderful books at my disposal at eloPhotos Academy.

Another strong point about books is that it set you off at an edge over the average photographer. My first experience about panning a camera to give a still effect from a moving object was learnt from a book and I took out the camera to practice what I just read. I didn’t get it initially but after some trails and persistence, I was like whaoo! I was doing magic with the camera.

My name is Olayiwola Olaide & I strongly believe I’m on the right path of learning and mentoring at eloPhotos. I look forward to more wonderful experiences.

Contact us on 08120129149, 08023008873 or for a detailed list of options of classes to take at eloPhotos Academy. It will be the best investment you’ll make in your journey to photography greatness.

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