Somebody LIED

Somebody lied when they said the road to success was easy and smooth. Somebody lied when they said everybody in Lagos was eating good food. Somebody lied when they said serving under someone was easy. Somebody lied when they said working for rich clients was the best because they know your worth but the truth be told, you sometimes aren’t treated differently from their house maid.

It’s a big lie when people say making money in life is what makes you a man. I’m sorry, somebody lied. It’s also a painful lie when they say fame is what you need to be successful, but I tell you my friend it still doesn’t stop there. Because human beings are never satisfied except you have God in your life.

Somebody lied when they told you it was easy tolerating people’s behavior and their flaws. It’s not easy putting up with my partners flaws I tell you. Likewise it is not easy with them putting up with mine.

Somebody lied when they told you professionals don’t get tensed up when they meet people who are “made” in the industry. Truth be told, Mr Seun was tensed.

Somebody lied when they told you ladies don’t get preferential treatment because of their weakness or something they do.

Somebody lied when they told you that you would never make a mistake in life. I made a mistake this week by keeping the token of the office account were am not supposed to.

And that is why I would say my experience last week was full of lies. Lies of trying to impress. Lies of trying to meet up with standard. Lies of trying to paint the toilet all because of a celebrity. Lies of trying to re-arrange every where all because we had a special client. Lies of trying to make sure that everywhere was properly kept. Lies of believing that our celebrity guest was different from he does not laugh,
like he wears something different from what we he his an angel full of a white regalia. Only for me to discover that what makes him different was just the ice and the prince. If you do remove that he his just Panshak Zamani.

Although I had to also lie too by making him feel I was a die hard fan of him, especially wen I was called upon to play something that will inspire him to take a pose. Suddenly I discovered that I had almost all his latest track. Surprisingly to me, he makes millions of people dance through his songs but he could not inspire himself to pose well. This made me realize that he was human and that no man is an island.

While taking those poses something struck me, which was Ice not being himself. He wanted to be himself but voices everywhere would not allow him. Was it from the stylist, who felt he knew everything or from the clients who felt they paid him (Ice Prince) for this.

It was fun though because Ice eventually enjoyed himself and made me realize what it means to be a superstar. Baba God please make me a brand and not just a superstar, I pray.

I end my note by saying the journey of photography has so many challenges. Somebody lied when they told me it was all about the camera and taking nice pictures. It’s all about the people you are going to come across with as a result of what you do.

I am Obaloluwa Omole and my journey in becoming one of the best photographer in the world continues as my experiences at eloPhotos Academy refines me.

The ICE PRINCE Euphoria

The week started on a Wednesday because Monday and Tuesday was declared a public holiday. And from the information I got, there’s no holiday for eloPhotos interns. Fortunately, we had one so we could rest in order to prepare for the shot which we would have during the week.

The preparation started on Wednesday, which wasn’t a one day preparation. The moving around, getting things in place helped me a lot. It taught me to be timely and gave me a little insight on how to work under pressure. There were things we had to get, there were also places we had to renovate, things we needed to fix, all these I took as learning. I didn’t take it as work because I enjoyed every bit of it with all sincerity of the heart especially when I had to go get some things for the photoshoot ,I got to places I didn’t think in my mind I’ll get to. I took all as a learning process. Being an trainee at eloPhotos takes a lot of commitment and if you can’t meet up, too bad because plenty doors can be opened if you’re 99.9% committed to what you’re doing or what you want to do.

Final preparations took place Thursday afternoon which I must say was a relief for most of us because it was not an easy task. Most of us couldn’t wait for the session even though it wasn’t any of us that were going to take the pictures. Yet still the excitement was there.

The D-DAY Friday came so fast. We had to do some final checks as I fantasized and looked forward to the arrival of the client called Ice Prince. We were all tensed, even our boss who was going to take the picture was tensed but he tried to keep it inside…lol!

The stylist arrived on the location first, followed by some of Ice’s friends then the Prince himself who was looking chilled if I may use the word . All went well, everyone was happy, jokes were said and laughter filled everywhere. All in all, the week was great!!

My name is Pelumi Shokanbi & I’m a world-class professional photographer in the making. Watch out for me.

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The FIRST & LAST Rule @ eloPhotos Academy

Who would have thought about it, that the first set of rules you have to accomplish at eloPhotos Academy is to read two books in your first month as an intern? It even got to a time that the subject on how mandatory these books must be read came up almost every time in our Monday meetings. These two books as I would also recommend to anyone reading this article are: ‘How to win friends and Influence people’ and ‘You can negotiate anything,’ by Dale Carnegie and Herb Cohen respectively.

One spectacular thing I discovered is the way I started seeing the other side to people management. Frankly, I must admit that I needed to work on my people skills and communication; it was while reading the first book that I realized a lot of things and why some of my friendship with people has not been working smoothly.

But come to think of it, why is this reading of books so important? And why is it that other photography academies don’t have the reading culture? I would go with the saying that, “readers are leaders”. The first thing that would attract a book lover to eloPhotos, are the sea of books at your disposal. The more you read, the more you develop and unlock some secret about the world of digital photography.

The academy has given me so much opportunity to rub minds with great photographers who have won awards and traveled the whole world photographing people, places and events.

Take for instance, my new found mentor, a photographer who has documented 4000 weddings as at the time of writing his book. He opened my eyes to see a new world of digital photography just by reading the first two chapters of his book. I couldn’t stop reading the book after discovering so much I needed to learn from this author and my mentor. He addressed a lot of issues we take for granted as photographers. He has gathered so much experience that it was as if a grandfather was sharing a tale of history to his grandson. That was the experience I had with this author. And am sure they are many more of such wonderful books at my disposal at eloPhotos Academy.

Another strong point about books is that it set you off at an edge over the average photographer. My first experience about panning a camera to give a still effect from a moving object was learnt from a book and I took out the camera to practice what I just read. I didn’t get it initially but after some trails and persistence, I was like whaoo! I was doing magic with the camera.

My name is Olayiwola Olaide & I strongly believe I’m on the right path of learning and mentoring at eloPhotos. I look forward to more wonderful experiences.

Contact us on 08120129149, 08023008873 or for a detailed list of options of classes to take at eloPhotos Academy. It will be the best investment you’ll make in your journey to photography greatness.