Shooting With Empty Batteries

The week started with a short prep talk amongst ourselves, we shared experiences of the previous week at Elophotos. I was able to gather that no matter what you do, you always need the help of your colleagues. I realized that no one can achieve anything alone, you will always need the help of someone close by, especially in the same profession. The comments of my colleagues made me realise that from all we’ve been taught, our strength lies in the collective efforts that we establish within ourselves. No wonder, Mr Seun always repeat to us that, “you will always need assistant(s), when you go for any photography shoots.

One other interesting lesson I learnt which I’d never forget is the fact that, in one of the practice days, I picked up one of the cameras from the camera bag with the intention to go out for a practice session. I loaded the camera with the battery and memory card. I also picked an extra battery and memory card in case of any unforeseen circumstances while practicing. Little did I know that I was armored with empty batteries, both the one in the camera and the extra that I had with me. It didn’t take me much time to discover a favorable spot for me to start my practice shoot. After several shoots, my camera indicated empty battery at the LCD screen. I was having a reassuring thought that I still had an extra battery with me. After I had swapped the extra battery, I got another shocking discovery. The extra battery was even completely dead. I went back to the studio utterly dismayed. I should have charged the batteries before the practice session.

“Hey guys, Mr Seun needs your attention in the studio.” That was the voice of Tope, one of our colleagues at eloPhotos. Her call indicated that something was about to happen in the studio. I had come into the Academy the next morning with a lot of assignments on my hand. We had just been taught how to design and integrate pictures into layout to give a pleasing and desirable look to clients. Me and my colleagues marched out of the editing room into the studio where we met Mr Seun working on his Olympus camera. I watched with great admiration as he inserted the telephoto lens into the camera, the precision was accurate. We mounted the camera on the tripod as everyone started to take positions in setting up the studio lights.

We brought out the studio lights and I was particularly intrigued at the way the umbrellas were carefully set up. We all worked on the reflectors and in no time right before our eyes was a stage set for a portrait session. I could feel the expectations in the minds of my colleagues. Will this be our first studio photography shoot? “Where’s the client for the shoot?”, someone voiced out from the group.
“I’m going to take portraits of all of you.” That was the response from Mr Seun.

It was an eventful day for all of us. It was fun, educative and entertaining. I learnt a lot about studio lighting, adjustments and exposure compensation. My first studio experience has just begun, I hope you’d keep following me. I’m Olayiwola Olaide.
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