My Half Solved Challenge

Manual mode, program mode, ISO and light is all I think about first when I pick up a camera to take a depth of field image. Over the past few weeks as an intern I have been trying to solve the task of taking either a high or low depth of field image. Some of my other colleagues seem to find this “depth of field” very easy to take using any camera at their disposal but the story is quite different for me like take Mr Olaide for instance. His pictures to me is what I can describe as “wow” most especially if he captures plants.

He is also good at editing pictures and tries out new things that wasn’t taught in class even if he ends up not getting it sometimes and I must say he is one person I admire amongst the new trainees at Elophotos. Kayode is someone within my age bracket who I envy the most, he is very cool and knows what he wants. I often complain about how much I really want to be good at this photography and he often teases me saying that I am too much of a perfectionist and not satisfied with some of the wonderful pictures to him that I have taking. Photoshop is also something I am just figuring out now without opening my note sometimes.

I remember the second class I took on Photoshop with Mr Toye wasn’t easy for me at all. I was frustrated and had to leave the class to visit the toilet twice where I cried my eyes off for reasons I don’t understand myself or if I should guess will say I was the only person in the whole class that didn’t understand what was been taught. I sometime don’t understand why I find it hard to grab all this things easily like every other trainee and it might just be that I am yet to appreciate the little I already know.

So my depth of field challenge had a new turn last week when I ‘think’ I figured it out. I took a lot of pictures but still not satisfied with it because I know I can still get something better. I once remembered complaining about this to Mr. Seun and he said it is something I should be able to get all the time and I feel my reason for still having this challenge is the hope of being one of the best female photographer whose every shot image will be well appreciated.

My name is AJAGBE BASIRAT and I will not rest until I become the best female professional photographer that I can be. Let me know what you think of the pictures I took this week.
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