Meet the eloPhotos TRAINEES

A new session of 6-months-training students recently resumed at eloPhotos Academy and it’s interesting to see the diverse background of people presently on board.

Take Basirat for example. She’ll be the first muslim that will be taking the 6 months program at eloPhotos. A recent graduate of Babcock University, she decided in her 4th year of college that photography was what she really has a flair for.

Temitope Adeniyan is one of the finest writers I’ve come across in recent times. Her love for photography was kindled after attending a Daystar skill acquisition program of which I was a facilitator. She decided to further her training at our academy and she should be rounding up in a few weeks. Watch out for her.

When Oluwapelumi’s mum told me her son wanted to learn the art & business of photography, I quizzed her to be sure it wasn’t a profession they were “commanding” him to take. As it turns out, photography is the type of industry Pelumi feels will bring out the best in him.

Omole is a 400 level student of Caleb University who has decided not to wait till graduation to pursue his dream & passion. As one of the comedians of the house, he has an interesting way of telling stories & jokes that makes people want to hang around him. Let’s see how it turns out for him by November when he finishes his program at eloPhotos Academy.

Kayode seems to be the gentleman of the house. I’m sure his colleagues will know him more than I do but I’m guessing his seemingly quiet nature is because he tries to think very carefully about his choice of words before speaking. Photography for him seems like the perfect medium to communicate where words are lacking. I’ll be on the lookout for this one.

Olaide Olayiwola is the married Architect who decided that it’s never too late to pursue your heart’s passion, even after getting a Masters, getting married and having a handsome boy. Its a risky adventure knowing that he has to put everything else on hold to learn the art & business of photography for 6 months but it seems like this gentleman knows what he’s looking for. Let’s hope he finds it.

Mrs Oladeinde is the other married woman amongst us. Its amazing how married men and woman can venture into this profession regardless of the family overhead they’re faced with. This woman has decided not to wait till she’s in her 60s before learning the trade she’s passionate about. Its interesting when women decide to invade a male-dominated industry and I’m guessing this woman sure has her reasons for deciding that photography is her destiny. Time will tell.

There are many more people who long to be in our 6 months program but are presently limited in one way or the other. One way you can still be unofficially part of the team is by logging on to our site every week for a summary of their photographic experiences. We’re hoping and praying all of them will finish strong.

I know this might be a funny question but which one of these students would you place your bet on as being the “eloPhotos Academy Photographer of the Year?”
Plan to take a photography course at eloPhotos Academy. Visit eloPhotos Academy for a detailed list of options of classes to take. It will be the best investment you’ll make in your journey to photography greatness


  1. odusanya tesiwaju · August 12, 2014

    Want to make inqury about Elophotos


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