The Expensive Joke

My father use to tell me that dreams come true, but those days I doubted him. But now that I am old I understand better. Some people would say if you can think it, then you can do it. Everything a man wants to do in life is all about a step, a decision and an act.

Making a difference in life has to do with so many things. It has to do with taking a bold step and not looking back. Success is not by chance but by choice which means it is what you carved out for yourself. Starting out this week at eloPhotos was kind of challenging because we had been warned not to get to the office late no matter what the excuse seems to be. I was made to know that timeliness was one of the key factors to being successful in everything you do in life and there and then I decided I was going to be timely in all that I do.

Unfortunately I got to the office late which was very painful to me as a result of the traffic from Ikorodu to Ketu; eventually got to the office at exactly 8:30am little bit scared that mr Seun Akisanmi was going to call me and ask me. Little did I know that the blow was going to come from another direction that morning.

The work that you do just to get commended for might also be what turns out to be what you get lashed out with words for. All the same it’s all good because it is only a passage that you need to pass through in order to achieve your goal in life.

What you also take as a joke at times just to make things lively or make everybody happy, might be taken as an offense by some people. The funny thing about people is that they won’t come out to tell you that what you did was wrong or better still that they are not cool with it instead all they will do is report you to someone who they feel can talk some sense in to your head. That was the story of what happened in the office that morning.

We should always know that human beings are not perfect, and that is why we encroach in to each other’s boundaries once in a while. But all the same we stand to be corrected; we stand a chance to change. Know one thing what you bottle up inside of you people would not know because they are not God. But what you let out is different because people would have an idea of what it is and how you feel.

To cut the story short mr Seun scolded the boys for not being respectful to the ladies based on our manner of approach to them which we felt very bad about. To us, we were just cracking jokes but to whomever was taking it personal we were being rude.

In an organization you would always have clowns who are not afraid to say anything or joke with anything as far as it all brings smiles to their faces and everybody around them which is why they are known as the happy people. Should we stop playing, should we stop cracking, should we stop joking when we know that if we do, every intern would retreat to themselves and what we once knew as one big family would turn out to be all man to himself.

And to crown my interesting story for the week, just because I was late once, I made sure I resumed earlier than anybody in the office for the remaining part of the week. Even the gateman wasn’t a gateman anymore because he wasn’t as punctual as me anymore and then it dawned on me to stand hanging around for 30 minutes before knocking at the gate.

A wonderful week which it turned out to be because what we felt was going to change us only made us stronger and close to one another. Because the joke we crack turns out to be what everybody wants to hear whenever we are together. However, as an apprentice at eloPhotos I’ll try not get into trouble because as far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to get expelled. 🙂

I’m Obaloluwa Omole and my journey into the world of photography opportunities has begun at eloPhotos. Watch out for me.
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