Looking Forward to Leaving

Dear whomever,

I’m leaving eloPhotos soon and I’m more than glad. I’m not only glad that I will have my freedom back or glad that I’ll get to sleep and wake at anytime I want. I’m glad that I’m actually taking an “escape from Sobibor” (if you’ve never seen that movie, it’s a must watch); an escape indeed.

You see, a new session resumed at eloPhotos Academy 2weeks ago and then came out this new rules and regulations, permit me to call it the “killer rules”. Mehn I am not sure who drafted out those rules -either Mr Seun Akisanmi or maybe he contracted it out to a Boko Haram member -anyways  to me it seemed like a military attack on a democratic government. You can hardly take a step without checking if you had really violated one of this rules.

Quite…….., but to whomever this may concern I wish you best of luck and am glad that at least I will be out in a few weeks!  But the good thing is that I will be praying for you. I am  not saying this to scare you but just for you to know that if you have had no work experience or self discipline, eloPhotos Academy doesn’t only train in photography,  she along with the new “killer rules” will help shape your life for the best!

Dear whomever, I wasn’t baked out of this hot tensed rule oven but I’m still what I am. I know if I had been in your shoes, I would come out better, so don’t be discouraged. I know it might seem hard walking through the “must do” and “don’t do” but the truth is what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You are just about to be “melted, molded and made” to be a better you.

So dear Whomever, even when you can’t remember all the rules always remember TIMELINESS, EXCELLENCE, CREATIVITY, PROFESSIONALISM and INTEGRITY!

(attached to this letter is a picture I took during my practice this week. Let me know what you think.)

Yours Photographically

Temitope Adeniyan

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