The 5D Experience

A few months ago, I was invited by the MD of 5d Imagery (a photography print lab situated in ikeja) to visit their new start-of-the art print lab. To be frank, I was a little surprised that a print lab will invest so much in equipment that will help elevate a photographer’s brand. Apparently his vision for the photography industry is BIGGER than what many see.

With an automated photobook machine that could churn out hundreds of album in a day, the ultimate goal was to create a printing platform for photographers in Nigeria that will put them on an even playing field on the world map. One cool feature they’ve adopted (which I happen to have tested) is the option of uploading your high resolution pictures unto their online server. From there, their printers which are equally online, can access the images directly. The images go through complete color management processes, before printing, vanishing, binding and packaging.

This means that photographers anyway in the country can just log onto the internet with the pages of the album they want printed and get their jobs in a few days. Although 24hrs was the turnaround time they promised me, I’ll give them at least 2-3 days for the album (or other print job) to be ready.

Apart from a plate of sandwich & coffee that was offered me while I was there, I have not been paid to put this up. Just thought that photographers might want to check them out. For further inquiries or if you presently have issues that you feel they should address, kindly contact the MD on or drop your comments here. Their office is situated at 75 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, by Olowu Bstop, ikeja. Telephone: 012130632, 08035491563, 08077775731, 08077775731. I’m guessing they’ll give you a discount if you mentioned that you saw the info on eloPhotos’ site.

Don’t forget to share your experience once you’ve used their services.

Plan to attend a photography course at eloPhotos Academy. Visit eloPhotos Academy for a detailed list of options of classes to take. It will be the best investment you’ll make in your photography journey

One comment

  1. Theophilus O. Emmanuel · July 2, 2014

    Really good news! Congratulations, 5D!


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