I Am Titanium

No one ever said it was going to be easy but I wasn’t warned either that it wasn’t going to be easy.

This past week for me was Stress-Full from the moment I entered the office on Monday to the end of the week. Lectures started this week and I must be sincere, I have never liked anything classroom settings,it gives me a kind of fever maybe because there’s this mood it creates that I don’t just like I would rather read books than receive lectures but all the same I had no choice I attended from the introductory class to Business of photography, but I seriously didn’t like the Lighting Class it was fun to my colleagues they were all happy and laughing, yea! It was Fun no doubt! but to me it was scary it left so many questions on my mind not because I didn’t understand all I was taught but because this past weeks I have met photographers and seen their works and I’m like how else can I be different? What have this guys not done? am just few months in this can I be outstanding ?its alright to be confused at a point in our lives, its alright to ask questions but you have to get answers to your questions and get yourself out of your confused state, this gave me a conclusion that “every one has that special thing, that thing they were destined to do, that thing they were born for” I’m born to do this and am going to find that special thing that would stand me out.

I covered my first wedding this saturday and believe me I had insomnia on friday night I was nervous, anxious and scared, more scared because Mr Seun had asked me if I would be able to do it and I had unreluctantly said I could,  I pee-ed like 5times in hour and before I knew it it was morning.  I knew I had to get over this, one thing you can’t afford to lose as a Photographer is your confidence and this was all I needed to get good results. And so I prayed to God for strength and so he did give me strength.  I covered the brides make up session to the Nikkai Ceremony with the support of my wonderful colleagues Tobi Adedayo and Bowale Onikoyi they gave me more confidence in myself and I appreciate their support.

But believe me when I say it was a crazy experience apart from the fact that I got to the venue in a boot of a car, I stood for close 6hours without food, also as I write this its painful letting you know that my bag  has travelled as far as ilorin kwara state, the brides house I guess, someone had mistaken packed my bags in her car when I was busy recording memories and off it went I hope it had a safe journey anyway and I really hope I get to find it. All d same Lesson learnt! It was really an event to remember A week to remember.

You never know how strong you are until your you get to that bridge that only your strength can determine what you are and how far you can get. This week I discovered if I wasn’t a human being I would have been a Titanium but I’m human,  I’m Temitope Adeniyan, I’m a Writographer in the photography industry.

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Registered students attending this seminar would get discounts for classes registered for @ NiPHEC 2014. For details of the seminars available at NiPHEC 2014 and the registration procedures to attend the main conference, visit http://www.niphec.com/seminars or contact Tcrown (08028629706) or Femi (0803 610 5170) or NiPHEC BBM: 74423C2C

NiPHEC… Building a complete Photographer