An Open Letter To A Stranger

Dear Stranger,

You may ask why you are reading an open letter from an amateur photographer like me, but I sincerely want put an end to all your unanswered questions on why I chose photography. The truth is we photographers have learnt to shatter our silences and reach out to the world through the moments we create with every click and seconds of our lives.

You see, growing up I always wanted to be a lawyer, the reason being that in this part of the world you’ve got to be three things to be relevant- either a Doctor, a Lawyer, or an Engineer. So all I thought of was to grow up to become a Lawyer. Thank God for my Mum; she talked me out of it reminding me of my weakness which I would like to keep a secret.

After my dreams of becoming a Lawyer was prematurely cut short I dived into the dream of becoming a radio presenter. This dream grew more stronger by the day as I began to write scripts and recorded my voice on my “Walkman” mini mp3 Player. Hearing myself sound so good created an awesome feeling inside of me; I knew immediately that I would have sounded better on air with cheering fans out there. Maybe it is the fact that I really wanted to be celebrated, but I couldn’t sing or dance or act… at least I could talk… how else would I become a celebrity?

Along the line even after having all it takes to be a successful radio presenter (a degree and a little experience) the dream dropped dead. I’m sure you want to know why? It dropped dead when a humble sincere friend of mine heard my mix tape and sincerely advised me not to try doing this on radio because I might get arrested. Funny, right? It was really a sincere opinion that hurt me badly but ….

If I couldn’t be a celebrity and I obviously didn’t have the qualification to be a Doctor, a Lawyer or a Banker. I can be better right, I can be something more than “Relevant” more than the red carpet and all. So I sat, pondered and wondered, what could I offer the world? How could I be a part of it and be remembered even while I’m gone? It was at this moment that I decided to be a part of two things that could live beyond life. I decided to be a Writer and a Photographer the two finest and treasured art.

So Unstrange Stranger, I’m glad to let you know that my thought didn’t end on the couch or on the pillow; my dream didn’t end with a deep breathe. I didn’t stop at being hopeful. I am now a “professional” photographer, I am now a part of making peoples’ dreams come true, a part of making people see with my vision, a part of painting and creating memories. I could always even live while am dead, I am Magnificient. I am a Writographer.

So perfect stranger, If you must know I now work with my Mentor; a perfect way to mould a dream you would say. Its alsready my 3rd week at eloPhotos. I was a part of painting memories at three different events last week and for the first time with the Camera around my neck, infront of hundreds of people, I felt RELEVANT and CELEBRATED! What else can I ask for? I’m living a life of purpose.

Writographically Yours,
Temitope Adeniyan
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