A nice time is determined by what you do and how one accepts people’s reaction to what you do. This means no one else is in charge of whether you have a good time and it is evident that when this settles in your heart then good times will definitely locate you.

Working and having to learn where love is expressed in every way keeps me waking up as early as 4 am, leave the house by 5:45am, get to eloPhotos before 7am and get home late sometimes not sleeping until 11pm or 12 midnight sometimes. How powerful love is.

As if the love isn’t enough to keep me going, there came a mysterious reward from Mr Seun Akisanmi. I bet you want to know if he chased us out of the office to work? Absolutely NOT. We were chased out to "work" at the Silverbird cinemas to watch "ROBOCOP" with tickets paid by him…. oh what a boss, right?

In the midst of all these my passion and inspiration for photography can only be better and stronger. You might want to ask what has the movie ROBOCOP got to do with photography? Well, what caught my attention the most was the fact that the movie being someone’s imaginative script was perfectly played out so well that one would think it’s present day and real life occurrences. Coupled with the fact that photography is more of a creative art, I was immensely inspired watching the movie. Having displayed that much of creativity in a movie reiterated the statement ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE in my mind.

It got better when I was sent to deliver one of our beautiful work of art to a client. Although the stress almost killed the fun but the fun started when I hopped in a bus & sat beside the driver who talked all through the journey. Though he was disturbing my brain, I was trying to figure out how I will locate the address that I have never been to before. That was the first time I would be meeting a man that talks MUCH.

To crown it all was the photo-shoot I did with a model, my wonderful model OKETE (bush rat). Though it was dead, my job was made easier knowing that I could get all the postures that I wanted. I experienced how the process from been so dead and irritating to when it entered the pot, stop right there, I wasn’t the chef, I know many will call that meat and probably might be imagining how that will taste when peppered and seasoned but to me it was so irritating to eat, instead of doing the eating myself the NIKON D7000 I used did that for me.

Every day comes with different scenery, it might be the so much stress, walk or work and it could be the creation of a new slang right in the editing room or the soaking of gari festival all to achieve a goal, which is to become a professional photographer, dissolving challenges beyond the human general reasoning.

But it all started with the movie ROBOCOP. Now I am thinking of the future of photography. I can’t be myopic or under exposed when my oga is in a ‘perfect exposure’. I am so looking forward to NIPHEC 2014 because it’s all about now and the future and I can imagine how much of inspiration that will be fired up in me to see, do and get me ready for the world and time of ROBOCOP.

See you at NIPHEC 2014 as we ROBOCOP you to ROBOPHOTO in the future…I remain Gabriel Gregory, your ROBOPHOTO! SHUTTING DOWN!

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  1. Addy · March 14, 2014

    I’m lost in a dream world trying to escape the way your expression of life suffocates me with endless visions of art, so beautiful; the way your eyes can see… It’s compared to being imprisoned, with nothing but thoughts. Clarity faces me as I realize I must hold the key to the cell and unlock my power, the power of love that you speak about… only thing is… the ROBOCOP has the key. He owns my deepest expression and only he can allow me to release. Well, I’ll just get comfortable anticipating your next piece of art. Thank you.

    Always true,


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