A Week of Dating Photography

Happy days are made; they don’t happen by accident. My week was made full of wonderful moments with lots of laughter, fulfillment and above all learning all in the perfect exposure and compound of photography. Although hunger played its role without a lag time,

it came when work was intense.

Most expediently,i designed my first spread,well it wasn’t so good but u can liken it to a bed spread,the only problem would be the authentic nightmare you would have if you sleep on it. I got to find out that through ones work of art one could actually determine how imaginative one is, little wonder it is said that our imaginative power is our creative

creative ability,so it is in terms of photography. The all interesting part of it all is having to learn from a reputable photography academy-ELOPHOTOS it is, coupled with a bunch of selfless facilitators and colleagues.

As we started the week with prayers and kicked off the week with some cleaning and real work began,work becomes more fun in the presence of some jokes and laughter with several life issues that we all shared our

distinct point of views.

However, the continuous learning of the business part of photography from real life experience from none other than the best to learn it from: Mr. Seun Akisanmi. It was somewhat of much interest to me because I have always read about business now seeing it and learning the pros and cons based on photography makes a whole lot of sense and more fascinating.

Here is what i think: photography might seem to be in its peak yet,some might think the most of the money has been made but i don’t think so,grounds are yet to be explored and if you are looking then look deeper.

Conclusively, it was a great week and I love the process of learning and getting better on and in the artistic field: PHOTOGRAPHY. My only issue is that I am working with wonderful people but none of them has ever kept the atmosphere busy with the art of farting; maybe we haven’t spent much time together to experience such art but its all good. This

is where I “still” the object by clicking my shutter release button as I continue by exploring this my new world of fulfillment…say cheese!!!

I am Angel Gabriel Gregory and I’m so proud to be a photographer.
Plan to take a photography course at eloPhotos Academy. Visit eloPhotos Academy for a detailed list of options of classes to take. It will be the best investment you’ll make in your journey to photography greatness

One comment

  1. Addy · February 12, 2014

    To Angel Gabriel Gregory, I wouldn’t mind sleeping on that spread, for your creativity is not only expressed through your photography, but also; your sense of lovely humor. I enjoyed this article and I wish you continued success in your vision and passion for the views of this world in which you see it. As your imaginative spirit evolves, I hope as well the atmosphere of farting expands ;)! God bless you Angel.

    Best regards,


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