‪Yes! Teaching photography is my calling and I have found it. After I had resigned my job and decided to fully launch into photography, I have no regrets so far. I have come to understand that nothing is insurmountable with passion.
Formerly a school teacher, I automatically knew that formal teaching wasn’t for me. I hated every bit of it. Don’t get me wrong; passing my knowledge to others is really what I love doing. However, I have only found out that doing it in an informal and practical way best suites me.

While I was a formal teacher, everyday was boring, the formal classroom setting and theoretical way of teaching irritated me off (I did it for the money only) but then I was not fulfilled. Hence my reason for resigning and joining eloPhotos.

While facilitating the “Introduction to Digital Photography” module last week at the last training series of elophotos academy for the year, I found fulfillment in passing on my knowledge. The informal, practical and interactive class setting suited me perfectly, all I did was facilitate and through discussion method passed the knowledge across. I might not be able to take the best wow pictures but I am sure I can teach photography to a dummy. If you’re considering a course in photography, the new training session at eloPhotos Academy begins January 13, 2014. Visit http://www.elophotos.com/academy for more details.

On the other side of the news, last week was quite eventful. I attended the last day of the British Council Creative Enterprise Expo and it was EXPLOSIVE! A rendezvous of creatives discussing strategies, innovation and creativity. Anytime I find myself in gatherings like this, it gives me hope for this nation as well as challenges me not to be left out of the advancement that is around the corner. Have a nice week.

Your Photography lecturer,
Toye Peters

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