Another Day in My Life in 2020: Sotunde Olajide

The following happened on another day of my life in 2020; July 17, 2020

Well, I had just returned from a photo exhibition of one of the foremost photographers in the world. It was held in Washington D.C., the capital of U.S.A. Hmn!…. It was indeed an eye opening and thought provoking, I mean enthralling kind of exhibition. It had in its attendance celebrity photographers and artists from all over the world. It was an exhibition that had most of its works on Africa and slavery. I almost shed tears seeing some of those masterpieces. I also had the opportunity of meeting photographer from all around the world including some of ours at home. It was a great experience. The state of the art gallery was something I would remember for a very long time. It beauty was something to behold and it got me asking myself ‘Can we be like this? How long will it take? My conclusion was that giving it ‘whateverittakes’, we would get there some day

I arrived in Nigeria the next morning at about 5 in the morning. The journey all the way from the United States of America was very smooth and so comfortable, at least up to the point when the plane touched ground at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, and so I thought, I wouldn’t want anything less since it was just some hours to my yet another ‘big one.’ I called my wife immediately we landed and told her to come pick me up in a comfortable car, at least one that would give me the kind of experience I had been having all the way from the States. ‘I don’t want to be so exhausted or late since its going to be yet another ‘big one’ that was said in my mind. When she arrived in our double exhaust, 24 horse power 2020 Jaguar C-Z20 at around 6am, I thought ‘yeah!!’ This is more like it’, so I hopped in and took the wheel, I loved to drive ‘my toy’ as I loved to call the car, by myself whenever I’m in it. I drove as fast as I could so that I could arrived at the venue on time.

I arrived at the venue at about 9:30 am, in the company of my wife, and the kids both of whom we had picked from my brother’s place at Lekki on our way. They had gone there to spend holiday. My brother and his wife, Lucy, loved the kids so much they insisted they come to spend some days with them before Xmas. Uncle AY (Ayo), as my kids call their eldest child wouldn’t want anything less. They would all join us later at the exhibition. Lucy also fixed us some breakfast quickly since I had just arrived from a long journey and might not really have the time to eat during the exhibition

It was my second exhibition on Photography and Art. Mr. Seun Akisanmi was one of the important dignitaries that had honored my invitation to be at the exhibition. I felt so glad that he could make it. He approached me on seeing me, embraced me and Mummy Shope. He then carried Shope, our little girl. Shope starred at his face as if there was something written all over it, touched his nose, eyes and all, maybe to inspect their safety or something, then smiled. That’s what she does whenever she’s carried by people she doesn’t see often. Mr Seun then congratulated me and we talked for some minutes.

I later moved in to the exhibition hall. It was beautifully decorated with my works hanging everywhere and I felt so happy at seeing the large turn out of people from all works of life, whom have come from everywhere all over the country and outside, to attend my exhibition. ‘Babe’, I called my wife whom was right there beside me, she moved right in front of me before I could say another word, looked into my eyes and said ‘I’m proud of you’ then she embraced me. It felt like my head had suddenly increased in size. I held her tight and said ‘thank you babe’, but we were soon interrupted, ‘daddy’ called out Tomiwa, my boy, as he tapped me somewhere on my leg. He pointed to one of the pictures hanging on the wall and said ‘I like that one’ it was a BW (black and white) picture of his mum when she was carrying his pregnancy. I had taken the picture when she was carrying him in her tommy just for the fun of it and it turned out to be my favorite picture at the time and I didn’t hesitate to exhibit it also.

At about 5pm, most of my works have been sold. I took pictures with as many people as I could, including family members, admirers, visitors and so on. I didn’t leave the venue until all the gusts have left.

Haven been satisfied with the whole event and the accomplishment, We left the venue, of cause, feeling so tremendously happy, I asked my wife where she would want us to chill out with the kids before we finally head back home. Of cause, I’ve missed my babe and the kids. The kids heard our conversation from the back seat and Tommy (Tomiwa), in a playful manner, ‘Lolly’s’, and Shope, ‘yeaaaaaaah!’. Lolly’s was one of the best places you could hang out with your family around the city, and it was a perfect choice for the moment, especially since I was seriously dying of having us sit somewhere, eat, drink and laugh together, so we headed for Lolly’s. It was fun there. The kids loved it and we all had a great time.

I just couldn’t stop starring at Feyi, my lovely wife and she would always smile whenever our eyes met. ‘Is there anything I could do without her?’ I asked in my mind, or may be I thought I did in my mind, but nope, I actually said it, but again, she looked at me and smiled. At that time we were almost home and the kids had slept off. She kissed me lightly. I was driving and so it was so brief. It reminded me of our first date. We got home at about 11pm. It was on the 23rd of December, holiday season, and so there was much time for everybody to rest the following day.

We laid the kids gently on their bed and we headed to our own room. We’ve all had enough food and drink for the day and so there was no reason to visit the kitchen. Its been a great day I said to my wife, she looked at me, nodded, then her hand moved around in search for the bed switch, then, the lights went out.

Sotunde Olajide

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