A Day in My Life in 2020: Babalola Michael Tayo

The following happened on 1st May 2020

Dear diary,
It’s my birthday and though I am not a big fan of birthdays, I dare not forget that of my charming wife and my delightful kids. I am sitting here in my study trying to examine how far I have come. Have I made a difference and if I were to be called up by God today, have I completed my mission?

While deep in thoughts, my eyes drifted to the table and I saw my gold plated complimentary card, it read:
     Babalola T.M.
     CEO. MOB Sport Management
MOB Media is the parent company of my photography and film production outfit while MOB Sport Management is a talent Management Company for athletes.
Now, on to the best part of my day. Today is the Grand Opening of Lagos Grace Hospital; it’s a clinic I have always dreamt about building, so I guess now I can say boldly that dreams do come true. It is comprised of two wings: the West wing is for paying clients while the East wing, which is bigger, is for clients who can’t afford expensive hospital bills. Both wings are well equipped with the state of the art medical equipment and we are also listed as a research institute. 40% of our medical staff are expatriate and the remaining 60% includes Nigerians abroad who were ready to come home to serve in
their country plus Nigerians who are resident here. I am really excited about this, it has been my baby for long and I can’t believe it finally grew.
Nigeria has changed a lot, we are now beginning to embrace our potentials and take our rightful place as one of the super powers in the world. First off, we currently have a leader and not a ruler and truth be told, the man has done well. Our roads are great, our educational system is excellent judging by the fact that my four year old son now takes history classes. Our agricultural sector is taking back its glory, ( ninety percent of the rice we eat is produced locally and we now export cocoa too). Oh, we have round-the-clock power supply and we collectively as a nation are fighting the disease tagged corruption with every weapon we have. Our streets are safe, our homes are more joy- filled and our churches are now concerned and caring about their congregation’s welfare.
Before I forget diary, I bought that Range rover sport we’ve been talking about, 2020 model and custom made. She is so pretty and efficient. Imagine, she reads my heartbeat to open doors, all I have to do is place my hand on the steering wheel to start the engine and its safety measures are so amazing that I can crash it and someone can’t crash into me. In fact she is so cool that my wife; who by the way does not like SUVs can’t stop “test-driving” it, (that’s her excuse for driving it about twenty times already).
Hmmmm, I can feel someone kissing me on my lips, and only one person is authorized to do that in the whole world…. “Happy birthday Omotayomi”, the unmistakable voice said. I answered, “Thanks gorgeous!”.

Dear diary, I guess you don’t want to find out what happens next, so ‘arrivederci’.

I am Babalola Michael Tayo and all I can say is thank you Lord for
letting me do this much..

What do you think?

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