A Day in My Life in 2020: Damilola Opawale

The Day is Thursday November 12, 2020

It’s a cold morning here in our duplex apartment at plot A3C, Akala Crescent, GRA, Ibadan. The harmattan is gradually beginning to gather. It’s been 2 months since I returned from summer break with my two lovely kids and my adorable husband from the United States of America. The visit to Disneyland was most fascinating for the kids.

The alarm rings at 4:30am. At once I get up and wake my husband. After rolling on the bed for few minutes, he is alert and active. By the way, my husband is one of the best things that has happened to me. He is caring, understanding and very supportive. I always thank God for the lovely family he has given me, I couldn’t have asked for a better family.

Between 4:30am and 5:30am, we usually spend some time together to fellowship with God. Afterwards, I wake my 2 kids and my 15 year old foster daughter at 6:00am for a family devotion. Sophie, my 5 years old daughter shares the word with us; she shares on being kind to one another. Tomorrow, my husband will be sharing at the family devotion. Family devotion ends at 6:30am.

My Kids return to their rooms and start preparing for school. Sophie and Dave attend the best school in Ibadan. Sophie is in Primary 1 and Dave is 3 years old and in Kindergarten class. Kemi, my foster daughter is in SS 3 preparing to write her A levels. She attends one of the best schools in the estate.

My husband returns to the room to prepare for work. He is a Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and HOD at the Department of Pharmacy. He is also the CEO of Eaglet Group of Schools, established 5 years ago and presently the leading schools in the country; the same school my kids and Kemi attend.

For breakfast today is fresh watermelon juice and vegetable sandwich. I move out to my vegetable garden to harvest the watermelon, cucumber and tomatoes. I prepare the food and the table is set for breakfast. Everybody comes to the table and we eat breakfast. After breakfast, we all kiss ourselves and everyone heads out of the living room.

The driver drives my kids to school in their Toyota Highlander 2020 model. My Husband leaves for work in his Rolls Royce 2020 model. I have advocated that he gets a driver but he has insisted that he enjoys driving himself to work. For me, a driver is just good because driving is not really my ‘thing’. Shortly after my husband left, I also join Michael in my Infinity Gigantica 2020 model, as he drives me to work.

By the way, I am the Director of Adolescent Health at the World Health Organisation regional office in Ibadan. I also work as a visiting Consultant and Lecturer at the John Hopkins school of Public Health, Baltimore, which makes me stay in Baltimore for March – May, every year. Coincidentally, my husband also visits at the University of California about the same time.

I always enjoy the ride to work every morning. It’s always a good time for me to listen to some worship songs and sometimes good messages. This morning I am listening to one of Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s message on Holy Spirit and Character.

The ride is smooth, no traffic or pot holes on the road, thanks to our good government. We couldn’t have asked for a better government in our nation. It’s amazing how Nigeria has become a place where everybody outside wants to live in. The last time I was in the US, the queue to get the Nigerian visa was so long that I wondered how many of them would actually get the visa.

In about 30minutes, I am at work. I enter into the elevator and I alight at the 4th floor. The door opens as my office clerk collects my bag and takes it into my office. I exchange greetings with my personal assistant and I enter into my office.

I say some words in prayer as I begin my day at work. Without much ado, I switch on my 2018 Mac laptop and open the files containing the reports waiting for me to attend to. Reports from the last WHO meeting we had at Geneva had come in from the different departments.

Amidst other mails I am attending to is the mid month report from the Managing Director at Hippocrates Images updating me about the activities at the organisation for the month. Hippocrates images is the photography business I established 7 years ago. I am happy about the progress at the outfit as Hippocrates Images has become the leading outfit in medical photography.

My phone rings, it’s a call from the Managing Director at Priceless Jewels to inform me about the new project at the Organisation. Priceless Jewels is the NGO I founded 19 years ago with the vision to raise Girls into role models in the society. It’s amazing the impact this NGO has made in the past years, so many testimonies of changed lives. If you ask me, establishing Priceless Jewels is the best thing I’ve done with my life.

I look at the clock and its 3:15pm. I call Joshua the driver, to be sure my kids are already on their way home from school. Kemi gets back from school about the same time and she makes lunch for the kids.

Its 5pm, time to leave the office. I pack my bag and head straight to the parking lot. Michael my driver is waiting there already. The drive home is as smooth as the drive to work.
In no time, I am at home. After washing my hands, I reach for my kids and give them a warm hug. Sophie quickly reaches for a party pack in her bag and shows it to me, It’s the gift pack from the birthday of one of her classmates. It’s an instruction I have given them never to eat anything given to them until I approve of it.

I head straight upstairs to the bedroom and then to the bathroom to take a cool shower. Afterwards, I join my kids in the living room and I assist them with their home work.
It’s time to make dinner. For dinner tonight is rice with Vegetables and fresh Pineapple juice.

My husband returns home from work at about 7:00pm and we all have dinner together. After dinner, we spend time together in the living room; watching TV and gisting about how the day went.

Its 8:00pm and my kids get up to go to bed. We pray together and my husband and I kiss them good night. They go upstairs to their bedrooms while my husband and I remain in the living. He tells me about his plan to visit a family friend for the weekend. We agree to visit our parents during this coming Christmas break. We also agree to take the kids to the underwater resort for the Christmas day celebration along with a few other family friends.

10pm and its time to sleep. ‘’Good night love’’ I whisper, Goodnight baby, he replies as we roll under the duvet.


  1. AmbLaraCrux · November 15, 2013

    This is GROOL!!!!!
    Thumbs up, sis!


  2. oyinkansola Oduyemi · November 15, 2013

    Hello Damy,I read ur post and I found it really inspiring.It was good 2b reminded that our future is worth every preparation and we shdnt just leave it to chance.Its amazing how our seeming Baby steps become mighty overtime.I also liked the portion dt revealed a Transformed Nigeria.Thank u for being about God’s Purpose,thank u for Dreaming Ahead and most especialy Thank you for Sharing


  3. Bolaji B Dauda · November 15, 2013

    I read this post imagining myself in 2020. It felt so real. Dami, its a big and great future you’ve painted for yourself.
    I’m encouraged to paint mine and put it into writing too. But, don’t forget, 2020 is 7 years away, double up so that you’ll be where you painted if not farther.
    Also, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy? Now we know who has got a chance. *lips sealed*


  4. adewale tosin · November 15, 2013

    This is captivating!I hope and pray my country live up to this in time


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