The Best Decision I’ve Taken as a PHOTOGRAPHER

The decision to learn at eloPhotos still remains the best I have taken in my career as a photographer. It just seems to be getting better and better. I am blessed to have a boss/mentor who would push you out of your comfort zone to success inspite of odds and obstacles. I am not there yet but I can tell you am not where I used to be.

For instance I am still swimming in the wonderful experience of WHATEVERITTAKES Lagos.

Also, I attended a workshop at the LagosPHOTO festival on Friday (November 1, 2013). I must say if you have not been there yet please make out time to be there. Every bit of it was interesting. I was challenged again to question myself if I really want to do photography and how far I want to go with it.

At the exhibition hall, I was greatly inspired by the works of other photographers across the world. It was interesting to network and rub minds with the likes of Jerome Delay, Sunday Alamba, Joe Penney and Nick Haggen. I learnt a lot from these guys.

At the festival I was exposed to the real art of photography which is beyond just covering events. Photography in this country has a long way to go; we all have a wide and virgin turf to capitalise on. If we as professional photographers in Nigeria would embrace the challenge and work hard at it, the sky is just the starting point for us. We can begin to use our photography to tell our own stories as Africans positively to the rest of the world.

Another interesting experience I had was seeing the works of Kemi Alatise at the ART TWENTYONE GALLERY. The colourful works of fabrics are just beyond what i can describe; they are so much deep and artistic. I was privileged to meet the artist in person, and I asked her what was going through her mind while constructing her works. For a particular one she said it was at a time she was depressed.

I have discovered that bad times or negative moods is not always a bad thing for artists. It is (most of the time) the best time for the best of inspirations and innovations. Perhaps you should start praying for that bad time that will inspire you to create the best pictures.

Best wishes
Akintoye Peters

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