A Worthwhile Investment In My Photography Business

Fiddling with my blackberry on the 30th of August as I tend to always do while waiting on a long queue to use the almost-dead ATM close to my house, my "Recent Updates" menu on the BBM where I get to do the monitoring spirit duty like most of people do (I guess), I saw that "Oluwaseun Akisanmi has changed his display picture". Without hesitation, I quickly checked to see what Mr NiPHEC had put up this time again. Lo and behold, head clean shaved, beards totally swept off with moustache, not sparing the sacred (for most men at least) eyebrow, I saw Mr Seun starring back at me! Like that voice on the popular tv advert, I almost shouted WHAT HAPPEN! What’s my Oga up to this time around?? Shortly after, came the one that was merged with his hair still intact and "WHATEVERITTAKES" written on it. I MUST BE THERE, I resolved.

N12,500 is not easy to come by these days especially when one of our honourable ministers is buying bullet proof cars, claiming her life is under threat as if my life sef no dey under threat everyday (msheeew). I’ll endeavor to go, I resolved. And I’m so glad I did.

I was the first to arrive at the venue. Had to mention that because i just got redeemed from the sin of lateness a few months ago thanks to Mr Seun. I better not tell that story here. So, back to the matter. Guess who I met doing the popular office chore of Toilet washing? Yes! Ronke Alao, the one who almost became a blind photographer.

She tried to introduced herself, "Good morning, you can sit in that room, sir" she said, pleasantly pointing towards the reception. "My name is Ronke" she started to say. "Alao", I concluded for her. Abi, who does not know our Ikorodu based photographer, wife and writer? Finally, a face to the popular name.

Shortly after, fellow shutterbugs started coming in and the workshop started. We introduced ourselves starting with me, Samuel, Daniel, Ronke, Funsho, Damilola and on and on we tried to describe ourselves in few words. Then, the discussion started. Yes, discussion cos it was a highly interactive workshop with no holds barred. There was so much outpouring of thoughts and emotions too (yes, it really got emotional at a point. And why wouldn’t it when one is passionate about one’s profession) both from the participants and Mr Seun himself.

He really opened up to us even to extents I’m almost certain (I dare say) anyone would find pretty difficult to do. Difficult ke, maybe impossible sef. But I learnt. I learnt a lot. That act of openess taught me a lesson I will not forget. What you keep, you lose. What you share, you gain.

It was an expository ride. From financial accountability which has been a major wahala for me to practical marketing techniques, customer service management, social media and its relevance (or irrelevance in some cases), Mr Seun sang through the hours. Of course, we had two 15minutes break. One for refreshment the other to stretch the feet. Mr Seun still talked through the supposed break time sha. Meaning, he spoke from 9am to 6pm!

Really, I desire to share all we discussed and learnt in details with you but we verbally signed a "keep-mum-about-this" deal. It was indeed an experience.

We all resolved to step up our game, become true professionals in the business of photography as much as we can (God help us o), keep our integrity and command the results that will make our children and their children proud of us.

Yours truly, Sam Obadero (motif photography)

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