A Worthwhile Investment In My Photography Business

Fiddling with my blackberry on the 30th of August as I tend to always do while waiting on a long queue to use the almost-dead ATM close to my house, my "Recent Updates" menu on the BBM where I get to do the monitoring spirit duty like most of people do (I guess), I saw that "Oluwaseun Akisanmi has changed his display picture". Without hesitation, I quickly checked to see what Mr NiPHEC had put up this time again. Lo and behold, head clean shaved, beards totally swept off with moustache, not sparing the sacred (for most men at least) eyebrow, I saw Mr Seun starring back at me! Like that voice on the popular tv advert, I almost shouted WHAT HAPPEN! What’s my Oga up to this time around?? Shortly after, came the one that was merged with his hair still intact and "WHATEVERITTAKES" written on it. I MUST BE THERE, I resolved.

N12,500 is not easy to come by these days especially when one of our honourable ministers is buying bullet proof cars, claiming her life is under threat as if my life sef no dey under threat everyday (msheeew). I’ll endeavor to go, I resolved. And I’m so glad I did.

I was the first to arrive at the venue. Had to mention that because i just got redeemed from the sin of lateness a few months ago thanks to Mr Seun. I better not tell that story here. So, back to the matter. Guess who I met doing the popular office chore of Toilet washing? Yes! Ronke Alao, the one who almost became a blind photographer.

She tried to introduced herself, "Good morning, you can sit in that room, sir" she said, pleasantly pointing towards the reception. "My name is Ronke" she started to say. "Alao", I concluded for her. Abi, who does not know our Ikorodu based photographer, wife and writer? Finally, a face to the popular name.

Shortly after, fellow shutterbugs started coming in and the workshop started. We introduced ourselves starting with me, Samuel, Daniel, Ronke, Funsho, Damilola and on and on we tried to describe ourselves in few words. Then, the discussion started. Yes, discussion cos it was a highly interactive workshop with no holds barred. There was so much outpouring of thoughts and emotions too (yes, it really got emotional at a point. And why wouldn’t it when one is passionate about one’s profession) both from the participants and Mr Seun himself.

He really opened up to us even to extents I’m almost certain (I dare say) anyone would find pretty difficult to do. Difficult ke, maybe impossible sef. But I learnt. I learnt a lot. That act of openess taught me a lesson I will not forget. What you keep, you lose. What you share, you gain.

It was an expository ride. From financial accountability which has been a major wahala for me to practical marketing techniques, customer service management, social media and its relevance (or irrelevance in some cases), Mr Seun sang through the hours. Of course, we had two 15minutes break. One for refreshment the other to stretch the feet. Mr Seun still talked through the supposed break time sha. Meaning, he spoke from 9am to 6pm!

Really, I desire to share all we discussed and learnt in details with you but we verbally signed a "keep-mum-about-this" deal. It was indeed an experience.

We all resolved to step up our game, become true professionals in the business of photography as much as we can (God help us o), keep our integrity and command the results that will make our children and their children proud of us.

Yours truly, Sam Obadero (motif photography)

The Best Decision I’ve Taken as a PHOTOGRAPHER

The decision to learn at eloPhotos still remains the best I have taken in my career as a photographer. It just seems to be getting better and better. I am blessed to have a boss/mentor who would push you out of your comfort zone to success inspite of odds and obstacles. I am not there yet but I can tell you am not where I used to be.

For instance I am still swimming in the wonderful experience of WHATEVERITTAKES Lagos.

Also, I attended a workshop at the LagosPHOTO festival on Friday (November 1, 2013). I must say if you have not been there yet please make out time to be there. Every bit of it was interesting. I was challenged again to question myself if I really want to do photography and how far I want to go with it.

At the exhibition hall, I was greatly inspired by the works of other photographers across the world. It was interesting to network and rub minds with the likes of Jerome Delay, Sunday Alamba, Joe Penney and Nick Haggen. I learnt a lot from these guys.

At the festival I was exposed to the real art of photography which is beyond just covering events. Photography in this country has a long way to go; we all have a wide and virgin turf to capitalise on. If we as professional photographers in Nigeria would embrace the challenge and work hard at it, the sky is just the starting point for us. We can begin to use our photography to tell our own stories as Africans positively to the rest of the world.

Another interesting experience I had was seeing the works of Kemi Alatise at the ART TWENTYONE GALLERY. The colourful works of fabrics are just beyond what i can describe; they are so much deep and artistic. I was privileged to meet the artist in person, and I asked her what was going through her mind while constructing her works. For a particular one she said it was at a time she was depressed.

I have discovered that bad times or negative moods is not always a bad thing for artists. It is (most of the time) the best time for the best of inspirations and innovations. Perhaps you should start praying for that bad time that will inspire you to create the best pictures.

Best wishes
Akintoye Peters

Time to Say GoOdByE

hOuSe Of CrEaTiViTy!
hOuSe Of CrEaTiViTy!!
hOuSe Of CrEaTiViTy!!!

Starring: seun AKISANMI, ronke ALAO, Samuel IJIYOKUNOLA, emmanuel AWOSANMI, toye PETERS, tayo BABALOLA, damilola OPAWALE and onodje OSHEVWIYORE

Produced & Directed By: seun AKISANMI
Marketed and distributed by:
eloPhotos STUDIOs,
12b, Fagba Crescent,
Off Acme Road, Ikeja


Ok, enough of me being silly, and down to business. I am thinking by now, you should know I like to ask questions a lot through some of my articles you’ve read. Given that fact, I want to crave your indulgence this one time to ask some more. (I am very sure I am lying about ‘one time’ thou, lol)…..

Who invented the concept of goodbyes?
How come we have to say goodbyes?
And why do goodbyes have to be so damn hard?

I have said countless "goodbyes" in my life and with that, one will think it comes easy with time; it never does. If you doubt me, try saying goodbye. You probably wondering what’s so intriguing about Goodbyes that this guy had to dedicate a whole write-up for it. To answer that, it’s actually my last week at eloPhotos as an intern but before I take a bow, I want you to meet all the weird guys I have worked with for the past six months.

Seun Akisanmi
There is this Guinness advert punch line ‘my friend Udeme is a Great man’. For the guy to have said his friend was a great man, I am so sure he has not met Mr Seun. He is a very good example of who a leader should be; he not only tells you what to do, he shows you how to do it. He is never proud to admit his mistakes and let you learn from it and he is always ready to listen.

* He is possessed with a spirit of "creativity"
* He works round the clock
* His humility still amazes me till date
* He is a mentor I won’t have to learn to fire/sack and
* He is the only person I know and I have seen eat yam and plantain together since I was born.

Ronke Alao
Meeting her for the first time, you probably think she is a member of CCC (cool, calm and collected) but believe me when I say she is as weird as the rest of us. Beneath the bizarre and beauty, she is intelligent and inspiring. Whatever she is assigned to do, you can be certain she is giving a hundred percent.

Samuel Ijiyokunola
My second boss of life. He is always willing to share what he knows, very innovative and hard working and before I forget sir, no thanks for all those punches to my stomach.

Emmanuel Awosanmi
The first time I met this my man, I was like who is this pastor but to put it rightly, he is a Weird Pastor. He loves God a lot, no doubt but whatever question you ask him not relating to photography ends up with a chemical answer (e.g: methane). He loves walking and won’t mind you walking with him even if it means telling you ‘the place no far’. Despite all this he is an amazing friend and brother.

Toye Peters
What can I say about this guy besides the fact that he comes to the office most days by road and water. Now don’t think he is an ‘ilaje boy’ (tribes of people born on water); he is just fortunate to live in an area where Government has promised them no roads. You can deduce from the statement above that he is tenacious and creative too.

Onodje Oshevwiyore Eric
Our in-house comedian and coincidentally, he is from Warri. (Can we then say all Warri citizens are funny?) They say; the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but for Eric, the way to his heart is to look beautiful and you can get him to do just about anything for you. He is intelligent and he is ‘Mr. do it well and calmly’ kind of guy.

Damilola Opawale
I have only met this lady a few weeks but I keep wondering where she gets her drive from. She is a 500-level medical student, learning to play the piano and also a photographer. (This is the part where I get to say WOW!!!). Whenever she is determined to learn something, pray you are not the available teacher because there is no escape route except you teach her.

With all this people starring in this movie, who wouldn’t watch it for 6 months and still want to continue watching….. Seriously from the depth of my heart I want to say a very BIG thank you to you guys for inspiring me and for being the colleagues I will always miss. I LOVE YOU ALL (can I get tissue and group hugs please)

As I take the much deserved bow, just be assured that wherever you see the MOB (Michael Omotayo Babalola) logo, that is my way of saying I came, I saw and I am conquering new grounds and by the special grace of God the ministry is moving to camp. (abi, every church now has a camp ground)