Different Types of SLAPS

“ but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also”. How easy it is to turn your other cheek for another round? When you are yet to recover from the very first one you received. Anyway, I am sure the quote is being used in other context not necessarily in a “slapping” way.

One statement and occurrence that kept coming my way this past week was Slap! Slap!! Slap!!! My colleagues at eloPhotos can bear me witness because one of them actually mentioned it too. And my Aunt in South Africa also made a statement about it.

I would like to concentrate on Nigerian mothers, Yoruba’s especially (one of the best when it comes to child upbringing). Yoruba mothers produce the best range of slaps: IGBATI, IFOTI, IGBAJU(Cheek Slap), IGBARUN, IFORUN (Neck Slap), IFAKUN (Stomach Slap), ILADI (Buttock slap), ABARA (Random back slap).

These slaps will make you think you were adopted or bought with a price.

IGBATI: this will make you correct your wrong immediately!

The beauty of IFOTI is, you will confess your sins on the spot.

IGBARUN, IGBAJU, and IFORUN will make you expose those who committed the crime with you without hesitation.

ILADI will make you pee in your new pants!

Now ABARA is the worst of it all because it comes randomly on you.

And apart from IGBAJU, we have a more advanced one which is IGBAJU OLOYI (Cheek slap that turns you 360°, it makes you see stars). When you receive this one, you will lose balance and your head will go into auto-search as you will be looking for what hit you. This will make you do all the actions of the other slaps above at once. You will even confess what you never did. Also, it can reset one to 3D (Deaf, Daft and Dumb).

God bless our parents for the “good” & interesting upbringing. You must have been wondering, what a title for a write up as this? I am sure there is a better one. I choose to write on this because of an experience I witnessed this past week, being at an event as a freelance photographer where someone was rendered a random slap.

I captured the scene anyways but not to be added to the album (except someone requests for such). This brings me to photographers who capture the not-so-good moments and end up including them in albums to be delivered to clients. Never make such mistakes to deliver such an album, especially for a wedding client; it will kill your brand.

Be wise during your post productions to select the best moments of an event. Your pictures should tell the good story. Whatever you do, be conscious of doing WHATEVERITTAKES to standout.

I remain Awosanmi Emmanuel, even as I look forward to the very week that the 7-hour photography workshop in 7-States in Nigeria begins.

The Photography Workshop that will help you STANDOUT from the crowd. Visit http://www.elophotos.com/whateverittakes for more details


  1. Anonymous · October 20, 2013

    I laughed till tears ran down my cheeks- hilarious but true (took one down memory lane). Still :)ing


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