For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it? If you are going to build effectively, you have to have a strategy. Unfortunately, most people just sit around until they are confronted with a choice and then make a decision.

No bank would give you money to build a house or business that has no blueprint or cost estimate. Neither will anyone invest resources into the hands of a person who has no plan. There is much to be said for a life that has a plan. Even if the plan has to be embellished, altered or corrected, still there is a life plan. And remember, there is need for continuous reassessment of your strategy.

Returning to work after a week of reassessment for change and whatever it takes to standout, I was privileged to be in a meeting with Mr Akin Akisanmi, father to my Boss. I guess I now know where some of the creativity ideas of eloPhotos originated from. Few of the lessons learnt, during the hours Daddy spent with us is as listed herein.

About life, I had more understanding that before embarking on any thing in life, I will need God all the way starting with a relationship with Him, studying His Words, and abiding by His principles. In all I do or intend to do, putting God first should be my major priority.

On career, be it hobby or means of livelihood, timing is very important. It is better to get in early and stay much longer if need be. Taking care of oneself is another; the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. The food you eat also tells much about you. Your appearance talks. As much as you look after yourself, look also after your house and family. Your family is your first classroom.

About business, keeping ones product in the mind of the client and following up is paramount. These led us into record keeping which is where most business men and women fail. A proper record of income and expenditure must be well accounted for. It is also important to separate your business from your family.

The business period ended with the following key notes: Before embarking on a business, have a plan, be focus and be aggressive. Be perfect in record-keeping. Your passion alone will not feed you. Do not plan after you have made loses.

To round up the moment, Daddy Akisanmi concluded with a session on marriage counseling, emphasizing on the need to share dreams with ones spouse and how not to marry the wrong person. It was indeed a precious moment with him to hold on to.

It is not enough to begin a thing, proper execution is very important. Only those who endure to the end will be saved, promoted and rewarded. Build your life with purpose. I am glad to be on board eloPhotos flight to success. I remain Awosanmi Emmanuel. #whateverittakes
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