The WAJO Experience

I was privileged to photograph alongside my colleague (Toye Peters) at the Wajo dance show that was held on the 26th day of September 2013 at Freedom park, Broad Street, Lagos. The dance show is a project well organized by Seun Adeleye of Enhance 360 Limited in conjunction with SPAN and he tagged it “Wajo”. I know you might be wondering why Wajo? Anyway, Wajo is a Yoruba word that means “Come and Dance”. It’s an open invitation to everyone to come and dance. Someone doesn’t have to be a professional or specialist to dance, as long as one can appreciate dance and he or she is enthusiastic about dance, then they are most welcome at Wajo. Wajo is usually held on the last Thursday of every month and it might surprise you to know that is completely free.

On arrival at the venue, the stage was being setup with light by the Wajo technical officials. The stage was an opened well spacious floor of about one and half feet high from ground level. The stage had series of colored continuous light lined and placed strategically on the floor and on top of the wall that serves as the background. The light from these lamps radiates in such a way as to emit multiple streams of colours in a matter of seconds that made the stage to be very fanciful. At the end of the elevated audience seats were two continuous lights positioned to feed the stage with additional light.

The show started at about 6:00pm with the Wajo dance choreographers comprising of both male and female dancers, performing to thrill the filled-to-capacity audience with breath taking steps and moves. They danced to the popular Naija Terry G hit track titled “Run Mad” in a creative way that added spice to their lovely twisting. At a moment, I felt like I was experiencing heaven on earth. Their wow dance moves thrilled me with total excitement.

The high point of the night was the performance from the energetic male dancers known as “Space Unlimited” who brazed the trail with a combination of strength and dexterity on stage floor. Believe me, their steps were so amazing and mind blowing. They thrilled the audience with countless stunt and daring moves that were highly professional. At the end of their performance, they so impressed the audience enough to get a standing and rousing ovation.

The rest of the evening saw the performance of a group of young children know as “Feet of David”. They marveled the crowd of audience with their beautiful danced steps as they flowed with the beat and rhythms of the Yoruba song played. I was so enthralled that kids of this age can perform and dance so calculatedly. I quickly thought to myself, big ups to their trainer who must have done a very good job with these kids. Other performers on stage that evening were two drunken dancers “Jackson and Ibe” who also thrilled the audience with their artistic and creative dance steps.

Conclusively, the dance show lived up to its entertainment value as I had lots of fun while photographing the event. Attached herein are a few of the pictures I took of the event. Whatever you do, do not miss the next edition of WAJO (holding on October 31, 2013 at Freedom Park).

Photographically Yours,
Onodje Oshevwiyore
Associate Photographer at eloPhotos



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