A Call For Change: DAY 2 & 3

Planning my days

Getting out of bed, I realized that my assignment for this season and beyond will require planning. So I decided to make a plan for the remaining days of this reassessment. And I got to see how planning is often burdensome. Despite the fact that, eloPhotos has taught me how to be more creative, planning seems to take all day for me to create.

It was a little difficult and laborious at the beginning of the day to move my thoughts towards paper. But I saw it as one of the common denominator of champions: they think ahead, as I am striving to become one. I began to write out my plans in detail as the thoughts were coming. I never knew such a time could be spent. I ended up planning for just few days and decided to have the plan accomplished per day as the thought keeps coming.

During the process of the planning, I was able to identify some rewards of planning; Planning ahead eliminates stress in the difficult seasons of ones life: “go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest”. My stress was relieved after getting the understanding from this.

Another is how planning greatly affects the decisions one have to make, the quality of preparation determines the quality of ones performance and proper planning guarantees completion of any project just as I have set before myself.

Taking all this to heart, I asked God for wisdom, to fulfill all the plans before me and those that will still come out of my thoughts. In my planning, I decided to keep a daily planner – a time management system, by writing out my plans in detail, follow it on daily basis, develop a detailed picture of my desired end and conclusion. I decided to keep flexible for the unexpected, then adapt the plan accordingly.

At the end of the day, the books I think might be of help in my study were seperated. Some of these books, I have read once or twice before now. Maximize The Moment by T.D. Jakes, Why You Act The Way You Do by Tim Lahaye, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, You Can Negotiate Anything by Herb Cohen are few of my selections apart from the E-books on photography that I also planned to study.

Looking forward to execute my written day three plan.

My Discovery of two F’s

One of the greatest fears men and women face is the fear of failure, that we will not “make it,” the nagging insecurity that we would not succeed or be good enough. Too often we forget that we are always good “good enough” in the eyes of the Lord.

But still there are moments in which fear screams so loudly in your ears that you think, “there is no way I am going to make it.” The first time your mouth says it or your mind thinks it, you have dented your armor and undermined your effectiveness. If you let it fester in you, it will infect you like a plague and demolish your creativity altogether.

Fear cripples creativity and diminishes self-image. It creeps into ones life, often leaving one impotent to perform. There is a difference between success and good success. Good success adds no sorrow to it. But success alone can make one miserable. As for me, I choose good success.

To strip oneself of the enemy of fear, it must be identified. Fear will hide itself in motives, it will drape itself in over-protectiveness and anger, but it is a liar hiding in motives. Fear is an added weight that is not needed.

I asked myself: How can I maximize my life if I do not minimize my baggage? The excessive baggage of fear I carry will defeat me every time. As Airplanes will not fly without checking the weight load, no one flies high with too much weight. The higher you fly, the less dead weight you can carry.

Listening to the words of fear trying to cut me from within must stop. Focusing on the prize, not on the threats of harsh competitors is all I conclude with. I think we all need that to succeed.

These led me to my second discovery, “focus”. Focus is anything that consumes one’s time, energy, finances and attention. The only reason we fail is because of broken focus. Thank God I have got this moment to re-focus my passion for photography. I realized that my assignment at eloPhotos requires total focus.

Focus determines mastery. And anything that has the ability to keep ones attention has mastered one. Focus determines energy. What you look at the longest becomes the strongest in your life. Broken focus creates insecurity and instability in everything around us. Our sights affects our desires.

In order to help me protect my focus, I recognized that broken focus will destroy my dreams. I concluded to take personal responsibilities as I recognized that focus is the master key to the golden door of my success. I’m Emmanuel Awosanmi & my FoCuS is PHOTOGRAPHY.

Enough of my grammar. Day 4 beckons.

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