My Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Yet: EWOMA & ROTIMI

So I had one of the best times few days ago when I shot Ewoma & Rotimi. Usually before any shoot I get a little nervous because most clients expectations of me seems too lofty for me to achieve. After cooling myself down with Gala and Ribena, the session started around 3:30pm after the last service in my church (Daystar Christian Centre). The major reason i decided on using the church compound for the location was because i was having a mild headache (perhaps from my nervousness) and I didn’t want to postpone the shoot or stress myself or the couple.

Rotimi who started out as a shy “groom” ended up performing beyond my expectations. I was assisted by my able colleague and Aliko Dangote Photographer, Michael Babalola and together we were able to come up with the pictures below. The camera i decided to use was one that i got in 2008 (Olympus e330 with a 50mm – 200mm lens) in an attempt to reaffirm to myself the idea of whether or not great pictures are made by a camera or by the camera holder. In this situation, i think the combination of my assistant (Michael) and the couple resulted in the following pictures. Let us know what you think.


  1. elozimusic · September 18, 2013

    This is really beautiful , I feel great and honour. Elophotos Bless Godbless


  2. Tijany asiwaju Balogun · October 11, 2013

    What a great job you are doing at elophotos. Please i want to know more about elophotos/ photography, how do i go about this. Elophotos God bless.


    • elophotos · October 11, 2013

      kindly send us a mail with a detail inquiry of the information you need. We’ll be glad to be of help to you.


  3. ayospecie · October 20, 2013

    Good job Elo.


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