My 1st Professional Wedding Coverage: Praise & Tosin Fowowe

WoW! It was 7 years yesterday (September 16, 2006) when I handled my first DSLR (Olympus e500 with 2 kit lenses) to shoot my very first wedding. It was the union of two of my friends Praise & Tosin. Going through my archives, I could easily see some improvements I’ve made over time in covering weddings. I decided to post the pictures unedited so everyone will know where the journey started for me photographically. I think the pictures we take now look nicer; perhaps the couple can hire us for the 10th Anniversary REUNION. Here’s to wishing Praise a Glorious Birthday and a Happy Anniversary. 🙂



  1. francisca · September 17, 2013

    Wow! It was cute


  2. abims · September 17, 2013

    so so lovely.the Lord will perfect all that concerns u and urs.ur clients Praise and Tosin are fab.


  3. Busola Ajala · September 17, 2013

    Hmmm… time flies! I recall I rushed out of the exam hall on that fateful day so that I can share in their joy. Happy Anniversary Praise&Tosin!


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