The Daunting Challenges of CAPTURING MOMENTS

“It is never advised to cover a wedding ceremony alone, in a worst case scenario go along with at least one assistant”. These were the words of Mr. Seun Akisanmi to the 2013 D-SAP set 11 photography students. It will be an advice that would come handy sooner than I thought.

After covering the engagement and wedding ceremony of Tunbosun and Dieko alongside my colleagues, I now realize that there are lots of challenges and stress I would surely have faced if I had gone alone.

The wedding of Tunbosun and Dieko turned out to be one of the biggest ceremonies I have ever witnessed. It also happened to be my very first Yoruba wedding ceremony I have witnessed. What even makes it more exciting was the fact that I was not attending as an invited guest but rather I was there to cover alongside my colleagues the photography aspect of the event. For the first time in my life I was in an event where I saw all manner of food and drinks but was not interested to eat because the task of capturing every moment required me to be fully alert during the course of the event.

On Thursday morning I went with my colleagues to photograph the bride and groom engagement ceremony. It was indeed an amazing experience as I had the opportunity to shoot the bride as makeup was done by the makeup artist. The engagement ceremony took place at the Olubi Hall Cele-Okota road, Isolo. The hall was well spacious and air conditioned with invited guest fully in attendance. They all sat in round tables that were covered and designed with white cloths. It was quite fascinating for me in photographing the guests especially during the engagement rite proper.

On the day of the wedding proper, it was the sound from my alarm clock that woke me up. At that moment, all I could think of was the big wedding event that was ahead of me. I quickly committed the busy day’s activities into God’s hands by saying a word of prayer. Almost immediately, I took my bath and got dressed in sky blue jeans and yellow shirt. Preparing breakfast was not an option on my mind as I was kin on getting to the groom’s hotel before time.

Just before the church wedding ended, I and Toye Peters quickly headed for the reception venue to capture the decorated hall. The reception venue was at ICAN Centre in Lake View Estate, Amuwo Odufn. On arrival at the reception, I noticed the entire hall had been beautifully decorated with each tables and chair covered with white cloth and designed with lovely flowers in water glass vest. I thought to myself that the interior decorator had done a very good job. I and my colleague started photographing the entire hall. Starting with the main stage where the couple will be sitting, to the cakes, decorated tables and chairs and the main walk ways.

During the course of the event, I captured guest sitting, walking, coming in and out. I also photographed the caterer’s food, drinks, and so many seemingly “mundane” things. The invited guests were all well-dressed mostly in traditional Yoruba attire that was so appealing and colorful. As I photographed, I just can’t help but noticed how cute and lovely the ushers in the reception hall were looking. Each wore a nice and simple black short gown with a flower ribbon pinned closed to the left chest. I thought for a moment that these pretty ladies must have been carefully selected for this job.

The wedding finally ended on a merriment note as I and my colleagues ate and drank to our satisfaction while we enjoyed the sweet melody of the music that was being played.

On a final note, my experience at Tunbosun and Dieko’s wedding ceremony was worthwhile and amazing. I was so privileged to be part of the team that covered the photography aspect of the event and the job of capturing moments in a ceremony is quite challenging but exciting.

I’m Onodje Oshevwiyore and I plan to spend the next 15 years of my wonderful life as a PHOTOGRAPHER.

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