A Photographer’s Passion For CREATIVITY

The word “Passion” means a very strong feeling about something that arouses affection towards that thing. It expresses itself in enthusiasm, overwhelming interest and a strong drawing in the direction of that thing. Passion is the tonic for ingenuity and creativity.

Most people like to talk about their passion, but how creative have they made their passion work for them? How passionate are you about your photography and what you engage yourself in daily? This brings me to focus more on creativity which has been one of the values being imbibed in us at eloPhotos Studios.

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary, being creative involves the use of skill and imagination to produce something new especially a work of art. Creativity is the ability to make something new. The dictionary added that creativity and originality are more important than technical skill. Do you have any ideas? You are the creative one. God is a creative genius. Deuteronomy 4:32 is one place in the Bible that talks about God’s creativity.

Looking back at the way most of us grew up, I remember some of the things I created back then; match box car, broom and nylon kite, paper plane and boats, etc. One thing I know, we all grew up creative but somewhere along the line we lost that ability. What happened? You may ask! Conformity had set into the minds of most of us. Also, the way our community has changed who and what we were born with made matters worse.

We all have the ability to be creative; we were born with it and it is still in each and every one of us. Few things I have come to know about creative people is: 1) they are well informed,
2) they are out-of-the-box thinkers, and
3) they have modest intelligence.

Creative people see things in a multitude of ways, as they provide creative atmospheres. They are open to creativity even when they seem to be playful. They are inquisitive, always asking for more. They think BIG and even allow others to fail forward by giving them chances to try again. They are intentionally creative. These are some of the reasons I am in love with eloPhotos, seriously. Ask my colleagues if you think I am joking or not serious.

In addition, without creativity, you become stuck in a rut. You need a constant stream of new ideas to remain competitive in the society because your market is changing every day. You need to understand the processes of being creative; know what the problem is, research and identify the possible solutions, determine how to create new combinations and decide which alternative leads to a new idea. Create your action plan and JUST DO IT.

Remember not to just create a plan; plan to execute it. We need to produce better creative solutions if we want to attract & retain more clients. Most people have mistaken creativity for innovation. Innovation is the implementation of what is created. Creativity is the process while innovation is the act. Let your creations become innovated. Thank God I had a creative week this last 7 days at eloPhotos. Looking forward to a new one to get more knowledge and ideas to improve my Present & Future LIFE.

I am Awosanmi Emmanuel and I am photographically creative, thanks to eloPhotos.


The Daunting Challenges of CAPTURING MOMENTS

“It is never advised to cover a wedding ceremony alone, in a worst case scenario go along with at least one assistant”. These were the words of Mr. Seun Akisanmi to the 2013 D-SAP set 11 photography students. It will be an advice that would come handy sooner than I thought.

After covering the engagement and wedding ceremony of Tunbosun and Dieko alongside my colleagues, I now realize that there are lots of challenges and stress I would surely have faced if I had gone alone.

The wedding of Tunbosun and Dieko turned out to be one of the biggest ceremonies I have ever witnessed. It also happened to be my very first Yoruba wedding ceremony I have witnessed. What even makes it more exciting was the fact that I was not attending as an invited guest but rather I was there to cover alongside my colleagues the photography aspect of the event. For the first time in my life I was in an event where I saw all manner of food and drinks but was not interested to eat because the task of capturing every moment required me to be fully alert during the course of the event.

On Thursday morning I went with my colleagues to photograph the bride and groom engagement ceremony. It was indeed an amazing experience as I had the opportunity to shoot the bride as makeup was done by the makeup artist. The engagement ceremony took place at the Olubi Hall Cele-Okota road, Isolo. The hall was well spacious and air conditioned with invited guest fully in attendance. They all sat in round tables that were covered and designed with white cloths. It was quite fascinating for me in photographing the guests especially during the engagement rite proper.

On the day of the wedding proper, it was the sound from my alarm clock that woke me up. At that moment, all I could think of was the big wedding event that was ahead of me. I quickly committed the busy day’s activities into God’s hands by saying a word of prayer. Almost immediately, I took my bath and got dressed in sky blue jeans and yellow shirt. Preparing breakfast was not an option on my mind as I was kin on getting to the groom’s hotel before time.

Just before the church wedding ended, I and Toye Peters quickly headed for the reception venue to capture the decorated hall. The reception venue was at ICAN Centre in Lake View Estate, Amuwo Odufn. On arrival at the reception, I noticed the entire hall had been beautifully decorated with each tables and chair covered with white cloth and designed with lovely flowers in water glass vest. I thought to myself that the interior decorator had done a very good job. I and my colleague started photographing the entire hall. Starting with the main stage where the couple will be sitting, to the cakes, decorated tables and chairs and the main walk ways.

During the course of the event, I captured guest sitting, walking, coming in and out. I also photographed the caterer’s food, drinks, and so many seemingly “mundane” things. The invited guests were all well-dressed mostly in traditional Yoruba attire that was so appealing and colorful. As I photographed, I just can’t help but noticed how cute and lovely the ushers in the reception hall were looking. Each wore a nice and simple black short gown with a flower ribbon pinned closed to the left chest. I thought for a moment that these pretty ladies must have been carefully selected for this job.

The wedding finally ended on a merriment note as I and my colleagues ate and drank to our satisfaction while we enjoyed the sweet melody of the music that was being played.

On a final note, my experience at Tunbosun and Dieko’s wedding ceremony was worthwhile and amazing. I was so privileged to be part of the team that covered the photography aspect of the event and the job of capturing moments in a ceremony is quite challenging but exciting.

I’m Onodje Oshevwiyore and I plan to spend the next 15 years of my wonderful life as a PHOTOGRAPHER.

How To Write A Great Profile About YOURSELF

So a few people have approached me over time to ask how to write their profiles. Each one had apparently read mine and wondered what a wonderful job I did. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with such a “resume” without the help of a few people. This isn’t for everyone but if you feel the need to have a profile to market your personal brand then this might help. The costlier alternative will be to hire a profile “expert” if you feel my process is too daunting a task for you to achieve.

First, get at least 6 people to help out on this journey to “profiling” destiny. It helps if half of the people don’t know you as much as the other half. Now ask them (in a kind manner ofcourse considering the fact that you’re not paying them any currency) to write down 6 sentences they consider to be true about you. Note that at this junction, some of what they might write down are considered “prophecies”; they’re realities that have not fully manifested in you yet. For example, you might be considered to be “kind” by your acquaintances and “too generous” by your close friends. It depends on who you’re asking.

Collate all the sentences about you and review and edit for accurate information. Note that you want the profile structured in such a way that it promotes you as a human being (not an angel) that people will love to meet and work with. If you’ve gotten to this point, you should get enough data to work around creating a profile like the one my team did for me (appearing below this article). Once you’ve collected their “answer sheets”, make sure you get them LUNCH to replenish the energy they dispensed during the tedious task of exercising their brain in order to help your personal brand.

Once you’ve done all these, give your final review copy to someone you consider to be a creative writer to review for you. It helps of course if the person is your friend so that you don’t get charged much for this “review” session. I don’t mind reviewing it for you if you can send it to info@elophotos.com along with a BlackBerry Q10 or a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone (to my physical address ofcourse…before some clown “emails” me a phone).

There you have it. You’ve created a profile that should represents a mini-resume of your life. With this you can update your “About Me” section on your social media platform. Let me know if this FREE profiling seminar helped.

Here’s what my team of 6 came up with about one Seun Akisanmi. Enjoy.

Seun Akisanmi is a talented, creative, God-fearing, teacher and educator with an unusual business mindset. His passion for photography was ignited after his mum got him a Christmas present in 1998: a Samsung camera. After many years as a hobbyist, he ventured fully in a career of professional photography in 2006 when he founded ELOPHOTOS STUDIOS (www.elophotos.com), an outfit that delivers world-class photography services. Since then he has covered numerous events and projects, one of which included the photography coverage of Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja for their 2009 calender.
His unique selling point is his gentle and calm personality and the ability to add a touch of creativity while capturing every moment of an occasion.
In 2007, he began attracting a number of people some of which included photographers that had been in the industry for a while. They wanted to get the same results that he was getting in the management of his photography business. Subsequently, he began quarterly seminars where photographers gathered to discuss their challenges and were educated on the art & business of photography.
A photography facilitator in Daystar Skill Acquisition Project {Dsap}, he received his Bsc in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois, U.S.A.
In February 2010, he established ELOPHOTOS ACADEMY (EA), an institute with a vision of raising world–class photographers. EA offers basic and advance photography courses for intending photographers and hobbyists. The results have been mind–blowing.
Over the years, he has been able to build a photography team while he runs his busy schedule, usually between Abuja and Lagos.
He left his position at eloPhotos Studios in December 2012 to start Seun Akisanmi Studios, a premium imaging brand providing creative & stunning documentation of life, people & places.
He is happily married to Ofure who also shares in his passion for photography. Together they reside in Lagos with their 2 beautiful princesses, Ebenezer & Anuoluwapo