An Encounter with the GIFTED One

So I met one of the multitude of contacts on my blackberry at a wedding yesterday. We’ve been “friends” on facebook for years but this was my first time of meeting her. She is gifted….seriously her name is GIFTED. Although she warned me not to write this but I felt I needed to in order to make a point.

You see, I’ve been having a couple of people write or call me to tell me how helpful my photography-related writeups have been. Someone even went as far as insinuating its a GIFT from God. Well, I’ll like to believe anyone can work on expressing their experiences in writing for the benefit of others. The more you write, the better you get at writing. The feedback has been timely because I was almost getting discouraged.

The Gifted one was no different from one of the “encouragers” that came my way yesterday. Apparently she has been a fan long enough to know within herself that working with me will take her to her next level in photography. Although it might not be possible to have as staff/interns every single person that inquires, writing all these mini-articles is my attempt to bridge the gap. Either way, people still get to learn from my experiences without being at my office.

The Gifted one’s appreciation for what I do inspired me to keep doing whatever I’m doing that keeps inspiring people (and trust me, sometimes I have no clue). As a result of my encounter with the Gifted one, I was encouraged & strengthened to finalize the book I’ve been working on for a while now. The book is titled TEARS OF A HUNGRY PHOTOGRAPHER & it’s a compilation of the best 100+ articles I’ve written within the past 100 weeks. Tentative release date is December 15, 2013. I pray it will sell copies beyond the number of people in my immediate family. I pray.

So here’s to letting the Gifted one & every other person out there (especially those that read these articles and don’t drop a comment) know that I appreciate the time you take to “learn” from an enigmatic character like myself. I’m not perfect. I have issues I’m working on. But with God by my side, I will try not to disappoint.

How Much Is Your Hour Worth?

So I was having a telephone “consultation” session with one of my photography colleagues the other day. After I was through giving her my opinion of what she requested for, I asked her a question that momentarily popped into the gray matter within my skull: “How much do you think an hour with Seun Akisanmi is worth?” Her response was. more surprisingly spontaneous than the question itself. “$750 per hour,” she blurted out. Wow, I didn’t even know I was worth that much in consultation fees.

I explained to her that I was considering putting a fee on the telephone consultations I provide my “clients” because I’ve been spending an increasing amount of time on “telephone consultations”. Yes, I’m beginning to like money more than you’ll expect. It is because I’m beginning to believe it has potentials to solve some of the challenges I’m going though (like not owning a BMW 540i or a BlackBerry Q10). I believe if I don’t convert my most valuable resource (i.e.TIME) into money, I’ll probably end up realizing I’m running a non-profit organization and my wife and kids might probably leave me for not taking care of them. Hope you get my drift.

Don’t get scared now, I personally don’t think charging $750 per hour will bring an overflow of paying clients now. Besides I’m still reviewing it. Its one of the things I admire about one of my UK-based photography mentors. The guy charges between €100 & €250 for a few hours of talking to him on the phone. Ofcourse it seems ridiculous to people who have been used to getting “free” advice and education but he’s getting enough clients that sign up for his service and everyone is happy at the end of the day.

It is to this end I have reviewed how I spend my working hours. I suggest you do the same also else you’ll realize that one week of your life has gone without you being able to lay hands on what you’ve “achieved”. The following are 2 policies I’m adopting with immediate effect and I’ll be grateful if everyone can work with me on this.

First, I’ll appreciate if a prior appointment is made before dropping by to see me. I feel its a little disrespectful for someone to just stop by someone’s office without informing the person in advance. And when I mean advance notice, I’m not referring to calling 1 hour before coming; I’ll prefer if one can book 1-3 days in advance. Its so that I can achiever more with the time I have in a day. I just hope I won’t be misinterpreted on this issue.

Secondly, I’ll appreciate anyone that comes to our organization to help us be more productive by waiting at the reception. Sometimes its been a little difficult for new interns to ask people that know me well to stay at the reception until they’re attended to. Heck, sometimes its even hard for me to say. However, friends’ presence in our editing room and/or studio sometimes inhibits our efficiency because we end up discussing issues that will make a 1-minute Photoshop work last for 10 minutes.

Please don’t be offended. There is so much on my table now that requires me to be a better manager. Don’t worry, I haven’t started charging for telephone consultations yet. You can always add me up on BlackBerry (PIN: 271E3BC8) or send me an email at if you need to reach me.

I challenge you to ask yourself the same question I asked myself recently: HOW MUCH IS MY HOUR WORTH? Then proceed to make those difficult adjustments that will make you proud to be considered a world-class photopreneur.

Your Photography Coach,
Oluwaseun Akisanmi