“You are too serious”
“Try to smile always”

I get these comments a lot; even my boss and colleagues tell me the same. It’s not like I’m a rigid person but I guess I just find it somewhat funny to smile when I am not amused. I heeded their advice & I’m all smiles now. As I am writing, sorry, typing this article, I am smiling knowing this will be my first write-up that will make it to eloPhotos website. 🙂

Monday morning and Lagos traffic are best friends made in heaven. As if I had not been through enough stress, I got to Agege and discovered that the Acme ‘keke’ park had been demolished. I felt lost because that was the only place I knew to get transport to Acme except of course the dreaded ‘okada’. So I seized the only available option, walking.

Fortunately for me, when I got to Pen-Cinema roundabout, I got a ‘keke guy’ who was kind enough to drive me back to their new park. I had to join the queue too; apparently there were others waiting in-line before I got there.

Our devotion that morning was excellent, thanks to Ronke for that. She read from Colossians 3vs23-24, ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people…’. A lot of us do what we do half-heartedly. That’s why a customer care representative will talk to a client snobbishly. It’s why a photographer will not package a client’s job well; giving the excuse he was not paid well while forgetting he was paid what he asked for. Always remember it’s between you and God.

Tuesday was supposed to be just a regular day, until Mr Seun Akisanmi fixed an appointment for me with Matt Damon. I was to see ELYSIUM with a colleague, (yeah! yeah!!! I was at the cinema). All work and no play makes Tayo a serious photographer. Before I go on about the movie, Tuesday is always a good day to see a movie at Silverbird Cinemas (Ikeja) because the ticket comes with free popcorn and drink.

I have known Matt Damon since ‘the Bourne series’ and it feels like I know him personally. Seeing him on the trailer of Elysium, I was hoping he won’t fall short of my expectation. The movie was so amazing that I couldn’t pick out any low point or so I thought. The Elysium is a luxurious space habitat; home to the very wealthy which separates them from the poor who lived on an overpopulated, devastated Earth. It cuts across themes such as love, health care, immigration and class issues which to me are some of the issues we have in Nigeria. I really wish I could see the movie again though.

Wednesday was one of those fast days, more like the way lenses work; it zooms in on you and almost immediately zooms out too. Fast as it may be, my photographic spirit still ministered to me to do a shoot on, ‘A Graduate’s Reality’.

Knock! Knock!! Special Thursday, reporting for duty sir. I refer to it as a special Thursday because not every day do you get to shoot Mr Seun Akisanmi. Like every photographer, I think he likes being behind the camera. He was my model for the ‘Graduate’s Reality’ shoot and he
played the depressed graduate part well. The pictures attached within proves it all.

We started the shoot with my camera acting up and Ronke thinking I was nervous because I was shooting our boss. It was fun. We came up with different concepts and Mr Seun got to shoot his own crazy idea too.

Friday was one those errand days. I had to pick up NiPHEC certificates at Duduprintz, and also buy some stationery at Ikeja.

I am Babalola Michael Tayo and I am no longer a SERIOUS photographer.


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