Security Officer Turned Photographer

He was a security officer for almost 7yrs with the then-renowned Oceanic Bank. After I was recommended to him by a mutual friend, He approached me 4 years ago about how his passion had always been to run a photography business. He asked how I could be of help to his vision and I remember giving him a bill that would have discouraged others from forging further; he refused to be deterred.

Believing all things to be possible, he sourced for the funds, quit his day job and came to eloPhotos Academy for his foundation photography training and internship. 9 months went by like a breeze and it will go down has one of the most fulfilling year he has ever lived.

That was over 2 years ago. Today, he’s come a long way as one of the Nigerian photographers I respect. Yes, he might not be know to the world yet but I envy his love for God and his humble heart. His passion for children photography made me invite him as one of the speakers of the recently concluded Nigeria Photography Expo & Conference (NiPHEC).

His name is Afolabi Oloyede of and today is his birthday. Here’s to wishing him greater years ahead.


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  4. Adebiyi Rebecca · September 25, 2013

    This really inspiring I like his thirst and determination for success its really an encouragement to me I give to him.


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