The Ideal Gift for Seun Akisanmi

Take a deep breath……..
Concentrate on this screen……..
As you begin reading the words of this article
You’re reminded of how much of a blessing Seun Akisanmi has been to your “photography” life
You’re thinking to yourself “What can I get for Mr Seun Akisanmi that will be a blessing to him”
It then occurs to you that he’s been ranting about one particular BMW 540i car like that.
It also occurs to you that he’s been using the same ragged BlackBerry Curve 1 for more than 2 years.
It occurs to you that someone like him (stay with me now, don’t lose focus yet… its the same Seun Akisanmi we’re still talking about) deserves the BlackBerry Q10.
You pause from reading this article because you want to check your account balance to decide which one you can afford to surprise him with. You make a decision on the one you can afford.
You ask around for how and where you can meet this Mr Seun Akisanmi so you can deliver this surprise gift.
Upon surprising him with your gift of choice, you realize how elated he can get.
You realize that his expressionless face sometimes requires the right stimuli to turn it on.
You realize how easy it is to be someone Seun Akisanmi will henceforth consider a “good friend”.
You realize that you have not been hypnotized or cajoled into getting him this gift.
You realize the extent of impact you made when he places his hands on your shoulder and with water dripping from his eyes, he mutters “This is the best day of my life”.
At the sight of the tears (especially being conscious of the fact that you haven’t seen this much water come forth from his face), you wake up from your dream. You ask yourself “Was that really a dream?”

Its now up to you to decide if its a dream or if its reality.
Its now up to you. 🙂

What do you think?

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