The Lady Without A Weakness

Those were the words uttered by a young lady I was interviewing last week for the position of a customer service representative in a photography studio. I met Sikira on my visit to the studio of a colleague, Damilola, in Abeokuta. Damilola had just gotten an office space and was in need of a staff to help her out.

I tried reasoning with Damilola the importance of being conscious of the type of person one hires as staff to represent one’s brand. Interviewing Sikira was an experience that Dami and I will not forget. The following are some of the questions & answers that transpired during the interview.

Q: When was the last time you worked in any organization
A: 12 years ago

Q: Do you have what it takes to be a great & effective “Customer Service Representative”?
A: By God’s grace

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Meeting people, traveling & reading

Q: What books have you read recently apart from the Bible?
A: I can’t remember.

Q: What books have you read in the past 5 years?
A: I can’t remember

Q: Mention 4 great reasons why we should hire you for this position
A: First, I do whatever it takes to get a job done. Second, I’m a child of God. Those are the reasons that come to mind.

Q: Do you have any weaknesses (by weaknesses, I mean issues that you presently have with yourself that you’re working on)
A: I have no weaknesses. The Lord is my strength.

Q: What expectations or questions do you have towards your new boss if you’re taken for this job?
A: I have no expectations.

Q: So you wouldn’t mind if you were paid N1,000 at month end for your services or if you were asked to work 8 days in a week?
A: Ofcourse I’ll like to be paid very well.

Q: So how much will be enough to make you smile at the end of every month?
A: (smiling)…I’m already smiling now sef

The interview lasted for almost 1 hour and I understood why many graduates will remain unemployed for a long while. How on earth can you mention “reading” as a hobby and not remember the book you recently read? How can you be a human being and not have any weaknesses? It is people like these that some companies hire and wonder why customers are not patronizing them.

It is better to run a photography studio/business as the only staff than to have someone like Sikira standing in for you when you’re not around. Many organizations have lost potential revenues/profits because they hired people that had “reading” as hobbies but the last book that was read was “Eze goes to school”.

A word is enough for the wise. In choosing those that you’ll call staff, be very deliberate and meticulous as you may very well be digging the grave of your business. Whatever happens, never hire the lady that does no have a weakness.


  1. Shalkur · August 27, 2013



  2. losamphotography · August 28, 2013

    Lots of bussineses are dieing because of the body of the compeny, photography as one of the intitution where a lots of transaction is taken place with different type of persionel, we need not to compromise anything fore the grouwth of the GREAT business. Get those who sees as you see.


  3. Yhemmy Ninja · August 29, 2013

    There is power in your front desk,who sits there,how it looks.if one is serious minded it will be unwise to invest in getting a studio,expensive gadgets,in some cases paying exhibit ant rents the FINALY putting someone with no expectations and weakness as the first point of contact for all YOUR SWEATS!!! I mean…it’s even better to have a photographer assistant with no expectation and weakness because at least you can detail him or her to always work with you and follow such employee everywhere but a customer care person is no joke that’s the first person ” your next pay check meets” when they come to verify all you have discussed on phone ….UNSERIOUS guys, then it affects your credibility,your pricing too!!! Cos for me I won’t even wait to enter your your fine office or to see you have the best camera in town!!!!.


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