7 Days After 7 Years

Its been 7 days after 7 years
And here I am laying on this bed
Thinking about all the times
Your words have brought succor
To the depths of my being
I’m thinking of the days I was glad
That I finally met someone
Who understands me more than my family
Someone who thinks I’m weirdly wonderful
In ways that had not been expressed to me by family
Someone who thought I was an Angel
Without an earthly address
I’m thinking of the many times
I had business ideas few people believed in
You were a source if inspiration
You are a source of inspiration
Forgive me for the many times
I considered Photography my 1st LOVE
If only I was conscious of the fact that
Without “elo” there would not be any “photos”
My words might not weigh much now
My bank account might not buy much now
But with you by my side for the next 70 years
I’ll be the luckiest, blessed, wealthiest, finest, meekest, photographer/husband/father/christian/friend that has walked on earth since Moses, Solomon & David (put together)
Here’s to wishing you a happy 7 years plus 7 days Anniversary.

Dedicated to the elo in eloPhotos,
My sweetheart, my wife, my friend
Elohiaghe Ofure Akisanmi

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