An Enlightening Week at eloPhotos

A new week began at eloPhotos with worship and thanksgiving for about 10mins, after which the charge was given by Mr Seun. The theme, power of the tongue, laid emphasis on what we say to others. What we say to others goes a long way. We often complain about others without checking on our self. If we all can work on who we are, there would be much fun to live life. You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person, in words and in deed. Be careful what you pour out of your mouth, your words can either make or mar you.

The activities of the week began. Two colleagues (Tayo and Ronke) and myself set out for the World Photography Day celebration at Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos Island. The Freedom Park is a nice place where different statues depicting Nigerian culture were erected. A fountain at the middle of the park, garden space for relaxation, a mini concert stage and a bar were also in the park. The park is opened to the public, though a fee may be required for the entrance into the park.

The event started with a seminar, which led us to the photowalk and later on, the exhibition. In attendance were top photographers; Don Barber, Leke Adenuga, Body Lawson, Yemi Royal, David Asumah to mention but a few. The seminar focused on the past, the present and the future of photography in Nigeria.

The photowalk was led by the top photographers. During the photowalk, a lot of images were taken by different photographers. The St. Georges Hall, the Old CMS Bookshop, the new CMS Bookshop,the Pan-African Heritage Centre, the E-Learning Centre, the Brazilian Building, the Savanna Bank Building, the Old PZ wall, amongst others were part of the interesting sites.

The exhibition was declared opened by Don Barber. In the exhibition room were captivating images from different exhibitors. Body Lawson, Seun Akisanmi, Olugbewesa Ayodimeji, amongst others were those that showcased their works.

Everyday has its own uniqueness. I was privileged to take passport photographs of colleagues for Identification Card. The experience was not funny at all, why? You may ask. I was not trained to be a passport photographer, that’s the reason. I had to shoot, again and again, until a fair passport was taken. Am not looking forward to do more of that anytime soon.

The success of the week would be ascribed to God Almighty who gave us the grace to accomplish the week plan in line with His plan for the week. The week rounded up with a modeling shoot session. The following were lessons I learnt from the session: ∙Being a model is not easy
∙You need to be prepared and lively for the moment
∙Lots of possess and creativity needs to be experimented upon

By Emmanuel Awosanmi

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