Why Photographers Don’t Marry Photographers

So I did a little research on why some photographers swear by their cameras not to marry a fellow photographers. Although some of the reasons seemed mundane, it was interesting to know that even some photographers doubt the money-making potentials of the profession. The emphasis of my interviews was geared more towards the female photographers not wanting to marry their male counterparts/colleagues. The following are the 2 major reasons given

1. Boredom: Many photographers feel it will be boring deciding to live your life with someone of the same profession. Imagine a couple going out on a date and all they seem to be able to talk about is the last wedding photography they took or how one composition wasn’t great or how to buy the picture on the restaurant’s menu is overexposed. Or what else would they talk about.

2. Job Security: Most female photographers consider a photographer’s source of income is too unstable to build a marriage on. They prefer someone that is gainfully employed by a reputable organization so as to guaranty that an amount of funds was flowing in monthly.

All these reasons seem genuine but I’m not sure a person’s career choice are determinants of whether they’ll be marriage material. I wonder what must have transpired for the doctors that married themselves or for bankers that marry fellow bankers. One lady photographer even confessed that she wouldn’t mind marrying the Kelechi Amadi-Obi of today but she wouldn’t agree to marry him when he just started his career; reason being Kelechi is perceived to be more successful now that in 2000. She wanted someone that will exude a level of accomplishment and riches. It is well.

Perhaps there might be other reasons why photographers don’t want to marry each other. I wonder what Zack & Jodi’s take on this is. Or what reasons do you (Yes, you…the photographer reading this) have for not wanting to marry a photographer. Don’t worry, you can drop your comments anonymously and no one will sue you for it. Let me know your take on this.

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  1. abiodun · August 24, 2013

    I wouldn’t mind if he has another source of income.I’m a midwife n also a photographer so I expect him to have another source of income too


  2. Situ Oladele · September 6, 2013

    I think they can go ahead and marry. They’ll definately have more than just photos to talk about. in fact I believe they would have very much more things to talk about and they will better “connect” in their discussions that some other couples of different occupations. They don’t have to do the same kind of photography or have same clients. There is a lot of beauty in their profession.

    About funds. Things could be quite challenging in the early part of the relationship in this part of the world. They can either wait some time for each to gather some wealth before tying the knot or pull resources after tying it. I suggest they work together to save funds in the begging and each can break off to set up a unique photography as they stabilize in their funds.

    I look forward to seeing more couples interested in photography business.


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