Customer Care Contacts at 5D Imagery Print Lab

I had a chat with the CEO of 5D Imagery, a professional print lab located in Ikeja & Surulere. I accosted him about the customer services and technical issues that some of my colleagues have recently experienced at his organization. He apologized for any wrong-doing or inconsistent color rendition on prints that might have been meted out to clients.

In the spirit of trying to resolve whatever issues any photographer might have experienced with them, he has provided his contact details so that he can be reached directly to resolve whatever needs to be resolved to the satisfaction of the photographer.

NAME: Muazu Abdulkadir
TEL: 08035491563, 08077775730
ADDRESS: 75 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja

He assured me that the color inconsistency in the lab’s prints has been resolved and they’re back on track now. Kindly note that this isn’t a paid advert and I’m not necessarily defending them for what they might have done. I’ve just had enough complaints that I decided to attempt to do something about it. If after contacting him and no feasible resolution is reached on your case, you can contact me at or add me on your bb 271e3bc8

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  1. Anonymous · August 23, 2013

    Thanks for playing the role of “the voice of the people”


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