A Week of being “Time Conscious”

As long as you get there before it’s over you’re never late. – James J. Walker

Have you ever waited for someone to deliver a job?
My week started with a joyful heart of shooting at a court registry of a couple taking an oath. Colleague and I got to the venue as early as 10am(“Timeliness”, one of our core values), with the information from couple that, event will commence by 11am. We had to sit under a tree waiting for the couple to show up until 12noon when the rain started to drizzle, Colleague and I had to get a shield under the venue building to stay dry. We called the Bride and she had to ask about the venue if we were there and how we got there, which we described to her how we got there.

At 1:30pm, we saw the Groom coming down a stairs leading to the Registry with his sister. He was glad to see us, and told us how close the Bride was. At 2:45pm, the bride came and we all went into the registry room almost immediately. Right in the registry room, the couple were called into the main office for some signage while we remain in the hall where the oath would be taken. At 3:30pm, the Registrar came in with the couple for the oath taking which lasted for just 20mins. We had some pictures of the couple during the oath taking and after the oath had been taken.

Then, at 4:00pm the couple requested if colleague and I would go home with them to take some picture sessions at the Brides house. We agreed on condition to get back with us to the studio to pick up our stuffs and also to inform our Boss. We got to studio at 5pm, informed our Boss and left almost immediately to join the couple who were waiting for us at the superstore. By 6:15pm, we were already at the brides house. They settled us in and the couple went upstairs for a change of cloth that lasted them about an hour plus.

Eventually, colleague and I started the shoot which lasted for 90mins, lovely and funny posses. At 8:30pm we rounded up and the couple requested for a pre-wedding shoot session for the next day, the conversation lasted for an hour. Colleague and I agreed to take their pre-wedding shoot after the agreement of time(11:30am) where and how to meet next day. At 9:30pm Colleague and I left for our respective residence, I got home 10:35pm.

On Tuesday, colleague and I got to the studio to pick up other gadgets that would be needed for the pre-wedding shoot. At 10am, my colleague called on the bride who replied, that she would give a call to inform us when to leave our studio and promised to inform us when she would be leaving in order not to keep us waiting for so long as she did previously. The period of waiting began, my colleague and I couldn’t concentrate much at the studio while we were expecting the Bride or the Grooms call. At 2pm, we couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to call the Brides line which was switched off. This made us called the Groom, who also told us, how his Bride has not been reachable.

During the waiting period, I had to go get some printing inks. At 3pm, the Bride eventually called to inform us of the change of venue (Alausa Gardens) for the shoot. We agreed since that was what she wanted and promised to be at the venue soon after she’s confirmed with the Groom. At 5pm(closing hour), we didn’t hear anything from the couple again. We had to call the couples mobile, which was not reachable. Colleague and I told our Boss about the issue and he asked us to give them few more minutes, which we gave till 5:30pm, still didn’t hear anything from them. So, we left the Studio for our respective homes, since its closing hour. At exactly 5:55pm, my colleague called to inform me that, the Bride has eventually contacted him, even with the threat that once the shoot is not taken today it will never be taken again.

My Colleague concluded that the pre-wedding shoot is still going to take place at the same venue, that we should head back to the Studio to pick our gadgets. Got to the Studio, informed our Boss about the situation, and he was interested in the shoot and he also decided to go along with us since its now obvious that we are having a night shoot which we had never experienced before.(New Knowledge).

We all got to the venue(Alausa Gardens) at 7:20pm, met the couple and there Sisters who had already liased with the guards at the venue. Meeting the couple, we apologized for keeping them waiting and they did likewise, for all the troubles they’ve made us experience and the time wasted. We began the shoot at exactly 7:40pm with our Boss manning the camera while colleague and I held the flashes for him while shooting with the trigger on camera.

At 8:25pm, the couple were asked to change into a new outfit if they had any, they were glad to do that. The outfit changing took nothing less than 45mins for the couple to change into. The shooting continued and eventually ended at 9:45pm. We all departed with lovely smiles on our faces, though we(Colleague and I) were completely stressed out. I got home 10:25pm.

In conclusion, the rest of the week was filled with activities, that got me returning home at late hours.I will never forget an experience of walking a long distance looking for where to trim photobook.

Morals from the Experience……

*Shooting at night isn’t bad at all. Now I know there is no time i can’t carry my camera to shoot. *No matter how stressed you can be, always give your smile
*Always see the good in other people and appreciate them for it *Make every effort to be available before the said set time *No one is perfect they say, you can be perfect still

TIME…… is the coin of our life, we must take care of how we spend it. Carl Sandburg

I’m Emmanuel Awosanmi & I work at eloPhotos Studios

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