Photography Workshop with Obi Somto

Photography Workshop with Obi Somto in Lagos | Fashion and Portrait Lighting on a Budget | email with subject “LAGOS WORKSHOP” for more information

Within the 5 hours Obi will be spending with you, he’ll share tips and tricks which he has gathered from years of experience in photography.

The aim of the workshop is to show you that you don’t need all the lights in the world to make great photographs, with one speedlight or even the sun and a simple reflector, you can create stunning images.

This is basically Obi giving himself to you and letting you rip whatever you want/can from his BIG brain. The workshop will be fully practical and interactive, its more like a hang out session with him as he shares photography knowledge. He will have a model present and you get to go with him through his workflow and do some shooting yourself.

He will go through Gear, software, workflow and different light situations (available light and flash light). He will also talk about your role as an artist, finding your voice (if you don’t already have one) and a bunch of other things.

He’s decided to have a weekday class and a weekend class for your convenience, both with the same curriculum.

After the 5 hours you will hopefully walk away inspired and reassured that you have what it takes to move your business – and your life – in the direction it needs.

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