Photography Boot camp for TEENAGERS

It was day 3 of the largest gathering of photographers in West Africa: NiPHEC 2013. Time check: 7:48am. Sope’s mum drove him to conference venue to attend the seminar “Raising the NEXT GENERATION of photographers” in the rainfall that blessed the city of Lagos.

Sope was the 1st of 23 children around to learn the process of becoming a complete photographer from Afolabi Oloyede of 4labi4tos & Kikelomo Koleosho of Red19 Photography. I was challenged by the passion of this generation of photographers and encouraged by the support of their parents who brought them. The
children where so happy meeting Joe McNally and asked him questions on how they can shoot for a living like he does.

We have received a number of inquiries on giving these children more training and exposure in photography. So we decided to squeeze one into our training schedule for this summer.

The camp will hold for 10 days (9am-3pm daily) and will introduce the children to basic camera operation, exposure & composition principles etc.

Date: AUGUST 12, 2013 – AUGUST 23, 2013 (excluding weekends)
Venue: eloPhotos Academy, 12b fagba crescent, off acme rd, Agidingbi, ikeja.

The tuition for the camp is N75,000 (includes a complimentary Canon A2500 camera for student to take home). Registration closes August 2, 2013

For more details email us at or call us on 08023008873, 08101590358 or 08120129149

Together let’s make your child a world class photographer.

For ADULT Sessions, CLICK HERE for more information


Day 1: Introduction to the world of digital photography

– What is photography
– The history of photography
– The future of photography
– Why photography is a lucrative career

Day 2: Getting started (for digital photography, few things you need)

– Digital Camera (mobile phone, point and shoot, DSLR
– Computer (purposely to edit images with editing software like photoshop, lightroom etc)
– Personalized research via goggle, books and photography materials
– Get a mentor in the field

Day 3: Introducing your digital camera

– Different types of camera and their advantage and shortcoming
(a) Consumer camera (b) Prosumer camera (c) Professional camera
-How does a Digital Camera takes pictures
(a) how the image goes in
(b) how the photo comes out
-What does this button do
(a) Power switch (b) Shutter release
(c) Zoom (d) Manual focus
(e) Memory card port (f) Battery port
(g) Data port and AV (audio and video). ports. (h) Power adapter port
(i) Status display

Day 4: Getting into the menus

– Picture quality (JPEG or RAW)
– Shooting mode
(a) Creative mode – Manual mode, Program mode, Shutter priority mode, Aperture priority mode
(b) Automatic mode – Auto mode,Portrait, landscape, Macro, Sport, Night.
– Flash mode
– Aperture or f-stop
– Shutter speed
– ISO or sensitivity

Day 5: Getting into the menu part 2

– White balance
– Bust mode or single mode
– Focus mode, etc

Day 6: Taking care of your digital camera

Day 7: Composition

– Portrait
– Landscape
– Events

Day 8: Documentary photography

Day 9: How to market your passion and convert it into money

Day 10: Grand finale/Project Implementation

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  1. Uchechi Princess Nwagbara · July 26, 2013

    Y ar kids in oda states of d country nt privlgd.


  2. Tuku paul · July 28, 2013

    Just cool


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