A Remembrance to Remember

Last week, I was privileged to cover the 1 year remembrance ceremony of a client’s husband. The location was a private cemetery for the RICH situated at Ikoyi, Lagos. It was a time for me to think on the legacy that I will leave behind.

Two things happened that will make me remember the day beyond the remembrance that was happening. First, I was denied a FOOD PACK. I don’t know why photographers are usually treated as non-entities by caterers at parties. Perhaps it has been as a result of how photographers have packaged themselves in time past. Perhaps if all photographers were wearing Gucci and Ralph Lauren suits, we would be given equal treatment as guests. I guess I shouIdnt have ignored my conscience earlier in the day when I heard the words “Borrow your friends suit to wear to the occasion”. Perhaps they wanted to serve the dead folks in the cemetery that’s why I was ignored. Painful thing was that I watched as they packed 8 extra packs of food to take back home. Anyway, thank God the energy I got from my N50 gala was still in me else I would have filed a petition for being mistreated as a “guests”. Wait a minute, I wasn’t a “guest”; I was a VENDOR.

Second thing that caught my attention was the fact that even in death, you could sense that some people were more appreciated than others. Or so it seemed. How else will you explain some “clients” buying 20 by 10 ft space while most others bought 7 by 3 ft. I looked at the burial ground of the former GTbank MD and couldn’t help but think that the impact he made in life was proportional to the large space he was given.

But what if I’m not as rich or popular as him? Would I be privileged to be buried in such a private luxurious cemetery. Does the ground I’m being buried matter at all?

These were questions that ran across my mind as I looked across the sea of marble tombstones. Anyway, I guess the important thing is to live a life that will make our creator say wholeheartedly “Well done, thou good & faithful servant”. Till that day comes, I shall continue to preach the gospel of photography that has been entrusted unto me. ************************************************
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