So I decided to meet the parents of one of the most intelligent girls in my 8-year-old class. Well the meeting was more of a coincidence than a decision. We were privileged to be on the same bus heading to the same destination. As we alighted from the bus, I quickly approached the mum to talk with her.

“I’m DD’s class teacher and I just want to tell you that you have a very intelligent and smart girl as a daughter and she’s one of the best students in my class,” I declared. “I hope she’s appreciated at home?” She smiled and thanked me for the “nice comment” and just as I was about to go about my business, she called me back as if she forgot to give me something.

“I’ve been wanting to report DD to her teacher,” she exclaimed. “You see, lately DD has been a very disobedient child. I told her I’ll report her to you and would appreciate if you’ll help to talk to her.” I told her I’ll do my best and proceeded to walk to class with DD.

“So what is this disobedience thing I hear from your mum,” I quizzed. She was silent for about 3 seconds as if trying to choose wisely her next few words. She proceeded to pour out her heart in the 3 minutes duration of the walk to class.

“Don’t mind my mum. She wants me to be a doctor when I grow up and I insisted I want to be a musician. I’ve even written a few songs and my dad says that I’m not serious. They tell me I’m being disobedient because I’m not going to choose the career they want for me. Maybe my mum think I’ll fail at being a musician the way she failed at being a model. She used to be a model before you know. She used to model for my aunty’s fashion store when she was younger. All I know is that I want to be a musician when I grow up.”

I was shocked. This girl was talking as if she was 25. Even her dress sense was beyond her age; mature and elegant. Maybe she got that from her mum. Either way, I had no doubt DD was resolved to be a musician when she grows up. I had to caution her not to be argumentative with her parents when it comes to the issue. I told her that she should still harbor her dream for music and when the right time comes, even her parents will have no doubt that music is her passion. Or what should I have told her? I was a little short of words and would appreciate your input.

Anyway, we decided to come up with a 10days foundational program to help build a child’s dream of becoming a photographer when they’re grown up. For ages 7-19, the bootcamp will commence on August 12 and end on August 23, 2013. For more information, click here
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Photography Boot camp for TEENAGERS

It was day 3 of the largest gathering of photographers in West Africa: NiPHEC 2013. Time check: 7:48am. Sope’s mum drove him to conference venue to attend the seminar “Raising the NEXT GENERATION of photographers” in the rainfall that blessed the city of Lagos.

Sope was the 1st of 23 children around to learn the process of becoming a complete photographer from Afolabi Oloyede of 4labi4tos & Kikelomo Koleosho of Red19 Photography. I was challenged by the passion of this generation of photographers and encouraged by the support of their parents who brought them. The
children where so happy meeting Joe McNally and asked him questions on how they can shoot for a living like he does.

We have received a number of inquiries on giving these children more training and exposure in photography. So we decided to squeeze one into our training schedule for this summer.

The camp will hold for 10 days (9am-3pm daily) and will introduce the children to basic camera operation, exposure & composition principles etc.

Date: AUGUST 12, 2013 – AUGUST 23, 2013 (excluding weekends)
Venue: eloPhotos Academy, 12b fagba crescent, off acme rd, Agidingbi, ikeja.

The tuition for the camp is N75,000 (includes a complimentary Canon A2500 camera for student to take home). Registration closes August 2, 2013

For more details email us at info@elophotos.com or call us on 08023008873, 08101590358 or 08120129149

Together let’s make your child a world class photographer.

For ADULT Sessions, CLICK HERE for more information


Day 1: Introduction to the world of digital photography

– What is photography
– The history of photography
– The future of photography
– Why photography is a lucrative career

Day 2: Getting started (for digital photography, few things you need)

– Digital Camera (mobile phone, point and shoot, DSLR
– Computer (purposely to edit images with editing software like photoshop, lightroom etc)
– Personalized research via goggle, books and photography materials
– Get a mentor in the field

Day 3: Introducing your digital camera

– Different types of camera and their advantage and shortcoming
(a) Consumer camera (b) Prosumer camera (c) Professional camera
-How does a Digital Camera takes pictures
(a) how the image goes in
(b) how the photo comes out
-What does this button do
(a) Power switch (b) Shutter release
(c) Zoom (d) Manual focus
(e) Memory card port (f) Battery port
(g) Data port and AV (audio and video). ports. (h) Power adapter port
(i) Status display

Day 4: Getting into the menus

– Picture quality (JPEG or RAW)
– Shooting mode
(a) Creative mode – Manual mode, Program mode, Shutter priority mode, Aperture priority mode
(b) Automatic mode – Auto mode,Portrait, landscape, Macro, Sport, Night.
– Flash mode
– Aperture or f-stop
– Shutter speed
– ISO or sensitivity

Day 5: Getting into the menu part 2

– White balance
– Bust mode or single mode
– Focus mode, etc

Day 6: Taking care of your digital camera

Day 7: Composition

– Portrait
– Landscape
– Events

Day 8: Documentary photography

Day 9: How to market your passion and convert it into money

Day 10: Grand finale/Project Implementation

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Photography Workshop with Obi Somto

Photography Workshop with Obi Somto in Lagos | Fashion and Portrait Lighting on a Budget | email workshop@obisomto.net with subject “LAGOS WORKSHOP” for more information

Within the 5 hours Obi will be spending with you, he’ll share tips and tricks which he has gathered from years of experience in photography.

The aim of the workshop is to show you that you don’t need all the lights in the world to make great photographs, with one speedlight or even the sun and a simple reflector, you can create stunning images.

This is basically Obi giving himself to you and letting you rip whatever you want/can from his BIG brain. The workshop will be fully practical and interactive, its more like a hang out session with him as he shares photography knowledge. He will have a model present and you get to go with him through his workflow and do some shooting yourself.

He will go through Gear, software, workflow and different light situations (available light and flash light). He will also talk about your role as an artist, finding your voice (if you don’t already have one) and a bunch of other things.

He’s decided to have a weekday class and a weekend class for your convenience, both with the same curriculum.

After the 5 hours you will hopefully walk away inspired and reassured that you have what it takes to move your business – and your life – in the direction it needs.


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A Remembrance to Remember

Last week, I was privileged to cover the 1 year remembrance ceremony of a client’s husband. The location was a private cemetery for the RICH situated at Ikoyi, Lagos. It was a time for me to think on the legacy that I will leave behind.

Two things happened that will make me remember the day beyond the remembrance that was happening. First, I was denied a FOOD PACK. I don’t know why photographers are usually treated as non-entities by caterers at parties. Perhaps it has been as a result of how photographers have packaged themselves in time past. Perhaps if all photographers were wearing Gucci and Ralph Lauren suits, we would be given equal treatment as guests. I guess I shouIdnt have ignored my conscience earlier in the day when I heard the words “Borrow your friends suit to wear to the occasion”. Perhaps they wanted to serve the dead folks in the cemetery that’s why I was ignored. Painful thing was that I watched as they packed 8 extra packs of food to take back home. Anyway, thank God the energy I got from my N50 gala was still in me else I would have filed a petition for being mistreated as a “guests”. Wait a minute, I wasn’t a “guest”; I was a VENDOR.

Second thing that caught my attention was the fact that even in death, you could sense that some people were more appreciated than others. Or so it seemed. How else will you explain some “clients” buying 20 by 10 ft space while most others bought 7 by 3 ft. I looked at the burial ground of the former GTbank MD and couldn’t help but think that the impact he made in life was proportional to the large space he was given.

But what if I’m not as rich or popular as him? Would I be privileged to be buried in such a private luxurious cemetery. Does the ground I’m being buried matter at all?

These were questions that ran across my mind as I looked across the sea of marble tombstones. Anyway, I guess the important thing is to live a life that will make our creator say wholeheartedly “Well done, thou good & faithful servant”. Till that day comes, I shall continue to preach the gospel of photography that has been entrusted unto me. ************************************************
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