5 Reasons to Learn Photography at eloPhotos Academy

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1) We’ve helped to build the foundation of more professional photographers in the last four years than any other training academy. Just ask the following outfits for confirmation: La Royal Photography, Red 19 Photography, 4labi 4tos, Mint Photos, Oleku Photos, Made fotos, Lamzy Photography, Greenshots Photography, Kakadu Photography, Jobi Photos, Freeze Photography, Photography by Maximus, Living Memories Photography, Novo Images, Sazzy E Cre8tive Concepts, Eastward Eden Photography, la Belleza Photography, Nobis Photography & L’enigma Studios.

2) Our seasoned facilitators are good at what they do. Although it’s hard to believe one could learn so much in just 10 days, we go the extra mile to make sure you fully comprehend what is being taught. Let’s just say you’ll end up saving yourself 9 years of stress and failure if you heed to what we teach within 10 days.

3) If after the first day of class you’re completely unsatisfied with what you’ve learnt, we’ll gladly refund your money if you request. We’re just that confident of what we teach.

4) Our emphasis is more on the person behind the camera and not just the camera itself. We believe that a photographer should be so grounded that he can use any camera that comes his way (be it Nikon, Canon, Sony or Olympus).

5) I, Oluwaseun Akisanmi, am one of the best people to have as your friend and mentor in the photography industry. Although I’m yet to win any award in photography, my goal is to raise world-class award-winning photographers. I usually don’t rest until I’m sure I’ve done my best to address whatever question you bring my way. Like a caring father, I will not let go of you until you make it in the industry. I usually don’t brag but that’s one thing I’m known for. Attend our academy and you’ll be our photography friend for life…..except we end up separating due to one party’s character flaw. Either way, you have little to lose.

Go ahead, give us a call on 08120129149 or 08023008873 and let’s help kick-start your photography career.

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Killing your Photography Business Before it Starts

So one of the students I taught photography last year gave me a list and cost of the items she needed to start her photography business full-time.

Camera…………..  $1100
Lenses…………….   $940
Flash………………   $750
Charger……………    $62
Memory card…….. $125
Lights………………  $310
Backdrop…………  $125
Reflector………….    $62
Tripod……………..  $310
Ballhead…………   $310
Cable Release….  $310
Hood……………..    $125
Laptop…………..    $620
Blackberry……….  $620
Biz Card…………   $125
TOTAL…………..  $5894

WoW. I was shocked. This person wanted to start out in business as a BILL GATES: a multi-billionaire. Funny thing was she didn’t have any money to start buying the items; she was believing God for them.

I pointed out that how come there was no provision for training, marketing, books, & website. The items that I felt mattered the most were left “unlisted”. By the way, who needs a $310 ballhead or $620 blackberry to start out in photography. Or am I missing something here?

It’s amazing the increasing amount of photography newbies that think $600 – $1200 is too outrageous to dole out for photography training, yet they don’t bat an eyelid to purchase a canon 5d mark iii. It is well.

Discover 5 reasons why you should learn photography at eloPhotos ACADEMY. A new weekend session begins January 12, 2013.

With my help I was able to reduce the bill to about $1240. Infact if I have $10,000 in cash, I wouldn’t spend more than a third to acquire gadgets and assets. Call me an accountant but I’ll rather use $3000 to get the basic necessities and use the income that come from that small investment to purchase more gadgets as I grow in business.

Heck, I’ll even prefer to be an intern with an established photographer for at least 3 months before going all out on a spending spree. Better yet, I’ll get the book by Dale Carnegie (How to win friends and influence people) and see how I can make more photographer friends that will be willing to borrow me their camera (if I don’t want to rent from eloPhotos) whenever I have jobs.

But then again, I could be wrong. Bottom line is that I think we should focus more on how to get clients than on how to acquire photography gadgets that will supposedly help to
Massage our ego when no jobs are forthcoming. May God help us. May the God who invented photography help us all.
Or what’s your take on this matter? What will you advice someone with such a list?

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