The 60-year-old photography student

“Can I have a chat with the gentleman that was interviewed on radio a few months back?”
That was the question asked by the old gentleman as he stepped into our reception. I was quick to respond that he was already speaking to the man: ME.

Apparently he had been fascinated by the interview we had on radio with Titi a few months back where I mentioned that I studied accounting in a U.S. based university but now I was practicing photography. Although at 60, he wanted to pursue his photography dream.

Since he had studied in the United States, he felt we had some things in common and that our photography academy will be the right place for him. I felt a little nervous knowing I’ll be teaching our oldest student yet.

He reassured me that he knows the basics already (aperture, iso, shutter speed) and only wants a refresher course. Either way I look forward to having our oldest student yet along with our first BLIND student. It is well.

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