What’s the effect of Obama’s Re-election on the average Nigerian citizen?

So November 6, 2012 will go down in history as the day more Nigerians voted for Barack Obama through their BlackBerry phones and Facebook account than they did for President Jonathan. Obama has come a long way in earning the respect and approval of citizens of the earth. If only Americans can return the favor and help vote in the next Nigerian president come 2015.

But my fear is that I hope he wasn’t voted in again based on sentiments. I didn’t follow the last campaign and have little knowledge of what transpired. I’m just curious that’s all. I hope what he achieved in the last 4 years was the sole basis that majority of Americans (along with Nigerians) re-elected him. I hope his stance on abortion rights and gay rights were put into perspective. I hope I don’t make enemies by asking such questions. Please forgive me in advance.

It’s just that I recently watched a documentary that got me thinking. If you’ve not seen “2016: Obama’s America” I’ll strongly recommend it. if I were an American, I’ll probably be a little confused as to who to vote for. Obama would have been the clear choice for me especially when I listen wholeheartedly to all his speeches.

More importantly, I’ll like to know the effect of his re-election on the average Nigerian citizen. Specifically how will it affect small & medium scale businesses in this part of the world. I ask this questions because I have clients who strongly support Obama and I want to be able to hold conversations with them based on facts beyond the documentary I watched. I’ll really appreciate your honest opinion. ************************************************
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