115 Photography Books up for CLEARANCE SALES

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So I decided to put up for sale 115 of my photography books. WHY?? Well, there’s an investment deadline I need to meet by 10am August 20. Don’t worry, I’ll restock the library as soon as my investment matures. Based on a first come first served basis, books would be sold to whoever gets to our office first (12b fagba crescent, off acme road, agidingbi, ikeja) or whoever pays into our GTB account (211744703110 eloPhotos studio enterprises) for the books ordered.

The condition of each book is rated as follows: Acceptable (A), Good (G), Very Good (VG) or Like New (LN)….

Call 08101590358 or 08023008873 for further inquiries. Remember, sales ends 10am on August 20, 2012.

Available Books as at 4am Aug 15, 2012

Wedding Photography NOW by Michelle Turner (VG) N2000

Digital Photography For Teens by Marc Campbell and Dave Long(LN) N3000

Ansel Adams An Autobiography(VG) N1500

55 by W Eugene Smith(VG) N1000

The Digital Printing Handbook by Tim Daly(VG) N2000

Low Budget Shooting by Cyrill Harnischmacher(LN) N2000

The Camera by Ansel Adams(VG) N3000

Photo idea index- JIM KRAUSE (VG) N3000

The Hot Shoe Diaries- Joe McNally (VG)

Digital photo MADNESS- Thom Gaines (LN) N2000

The photographer’s Guide To Negotiating- Richard weisgrau (G) N2500

Unseen Vogue-Robin Derrick and Robin MUIR-(Acceptable) N2000

Digital Photography Hacks- Derrick Story(very good) N2000

Photo Finish- Jon Canfield and Tim Grey(LN) N2500

The photography book- Phaidon (Acceptable) N3000

Food Styling for photographers By Linda Bellingam and Jean Ann Bybee(VG) N3000

2nd Edition Fine Art Printing for photographers By Uwe Steinmueller and Juergen Gulbins(VG) N3000

The Art of Printing Photos on your Epson Printer by Michael Freeman and John Beardsworth (LN) N2500

Creative Lighting By Harold Davis(LN) N2500

Kids, Camera and the Curriculum By Pat Barrett Dragan(LN) N2500

Betterphoto Basics By Jim Miotke(VG) N3000

The complete Idiot’s Guide to Photography Essentials By Mark Jenkinson(LN) N3000

I Wanna Take Me a Picture(VG)
Wendy Ewald, Coauthored by Alexandra Lightfoot N1500

The Art Of Digital Wedding Photography By Bambi Cantrell and Skip Cohen(G) N2000

Children’s Portrait Photography Handbook By Bill Hurter(VG) N3000

The best of Family Portrait Photography By Bill Hurter (G) N3000

Photo Portfolio Success By John Kaplan(G) N2500

The Portfolios Of Ansel Adams( introduction by John Szarkowski) (G) N2500

Photographing People By Roderick Macmillan(VG) N2500

The complete Guide to Professional Wedding Photography By Damien Lovegrove (G) N3000

A World History Of Photography Third Edition By Naomi Rosenblum ( VG) N3000

The Black Book photography By Joe Resudek (G) N2500

Seizing the Light By Robert Hirsch (VG) N3000

Contemporary Wedding Photography By Julie Oswin and Steve Walton(G) N2500

Wedding Photographer’s Handbook By Bill Hurter (VG) N2500

The History of Photography By Beaumont Newhall (G) N2500

Photos with Impact By Tom Mackie (VG) N1500

The A -Z of Creative Digital Photography By Lee Frost (VG) N2000

Amphoto’s Complete Book of Photography By Jenni Bidner (VG) N2500

Basic Studio Lighting By Tony L. Corbell (VG) N2000

How to Photograph your Baby By Nick Kelsh (G) N1800

Creative Digital Photography By Michael Busselle (G) N2000

Professional Secrets of Wedding Photography By Douglas Allen Box(VG) N2000

Marketing For Wedding And Portrait Photographers By Mitche Graf (G) N2000

The Art Within Portrait
Photography By Klaus Bohn (VG) N2500

Studio Portrait Photography of Children and Babies, Third Edition By Marilyn Sholin (VG) N2500

Master posing guide for Children’s Portrait Photography By Norman Phillips (VG) N3000

The Photographer’s Guide to the Studio By Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz(G) N2000

Light: science & magic by fil Hunter steven Biver Paul Fuqua -third Edition,(VG) N2500

Perception & imaging by Richard D. Zakia (LN) N4000

Digital Photography Expert Techniques by Milburn(G), N2500

Photography: focus on profit Tom Zimberoff(LN) N2500

Digital Photography Simplified 2nd Edition(LN) N2000

Digital Art Studio by Karin schminke Dorothy Simpson Krause Bonny Pierce Lhotka (LN) N2000

The making of 40 photographs by Ansel Adams (LN) N1500

Creative Lighting Techniques by Dave Montizambert (VG) N2500

Perfect Exposure by Jim Zuckerman (G) N2000

Master Lighting guide by Christopher Grey (VG) N2000

The Business of Portrait Photography by Tom McDonald (G) N2500

Posing Techniques for wedding and Portrait Photographers by Norman Phillips(LN) N2500

The Sandy PUC’ Guide to Children’s Portrait Photography by Amherst Media (G) N3000

The art of Bridal Portrait Photography by Marty Seefer (G) N2000

Children’s Portrait Photography by Kevin Newsome(VG) N2500

The Best of Photographic Lighting by Bill Hurter (G) N2000

Marketing and selling Black and White Portrait Photography by Helen T. Boursier (VG) N2000

Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing by Rob Sheppard (LN) N2500

Portfolios that sell by Selina Oppenheim (VG) N2700

High Dynamic Range Digital Photography by Ferrell McCollough (LN) N3000

Learning to see creatively by Bryan Peterson (G) N2500

The Best Wedding Photography by Bill Hurter Third Edition (G) N3000

Digital Photography for absolute beginners of all ages by Gavin Hoole and Cheryl Smith (LN) N2500

Teaching your Children Photography by Don Cyr (A) N2000

150 Projects to strengthen you photography skills by Easterby. (LN) N3000

Digital Food Photography by Lou Manna(LN) N3000

The Life Guide To Digital Photography by Joe McNally(LN) N3,500

Exhibiting Photography by Shirley Read(VG) N3,500

Contemporary Wedding Photography by JulieOswin and Steve Walton(VG) N3,000

301 iInkjet Tips and Techniques by Andrew Darlow(LN) N4,000

Photo OP 52 Inspirational Projects For The Adventurous Image-Maker by Kevin Meredith(LN) N4,000

Photojojo! by Amit Gupta with Kelly Jensen(LN) N4,000

1000 Photo tips by Pan Books (G) N1000

Mastering Digital Printing by Johnson (G) N3000

PHOTOGRAPHY by London, Stone & Upton 9th Edition(VG) N6000

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